Yoyo Digital Library

Yoyo Digital Library

文章Tom Lee » 週四 8月 25, 2016 7:02 pm

Dear Yoyoers,

We are so glad to announce that Yoyo Digital Library is opening.

If you guys remember, I have a real-book library idea several months ago. We can exchange the old books with other members. However, some members remind me that if there are only old books, why don't they just go to library to borrow the book by themselves?

So here comes the 2nd generation of Yoyo Digital Library. We are so lucky that we have Ramesh to help us to get the new idea, so he would be our first Yoyo digital librarian !! Please give a kiss to our new librarian, Ramesh.

Below are some words he wants to share with us.


Dear Yoyo Members,

The Yoyo English Club has started a digital library for members to borrow books. We are just starting, so at the moment, we have just added our first book to the library. More additions will follow soon.

In order to borrow a book and read it on your mobile device, you need to give your mobile device to Tom Lee or Ramesh Kakkad for a couple of minutes and he will sign you in and add the book to your device from Yoyo’s digital account. After that you can read that book anywhere, any time on your device. We are thinking about limiting the loan period for a book as there are limited a number of devices on which a book can be added simultaneous.

The first book we added is my favorite. It is the best book on nutrition (or any subject for that matter) that I has ever read. The title of the book is “China Study”. The author is Dr. T. Collin Campbell, one of America’s top doctors and nutritional and cancer experts. He was a member of government committee on nutritional guidelines during president Bill Clinton’s administration. He undertook the largest research study ever done on nutrition. He shows how by following general diet guidelines, diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. can be prevented or even reversed in spite of presence of any particular disease genes. You can also keep fit by following these nutritional guidelines.

There are many misconception and outright lies about what kind of diets are good or bad. According to Dr. Campbell, these half-truths or even outright lies are perpetrated by various industries such as food, pharmaceutical, etc, for their own benefits. These industries try to influence the nutritional committee members, put pressure on them through congress members, etc. to get favorable recommendations to the food they are promoting. According to Dr. Campbell, even the medical doctors have misconception about which foods are good for us, as they have very little coursework on this subject during their study. For example, cancer (any kind) can be completely controlled by amount of dairy protein (animal protein) in diet with higher levels of dairy protein causing the cancer growth, while lower levels (or elimination) completely preventing or even reversing the cancer. With respect to heart diseases, after President Clinton had a heart by-pass surgery, he started following the guidelines in this book, and credits it to him still being alive today. The general guidelines do not vary from disease to disease but apply to all diseases. President Clinton recommends this book.

The digital edition of this book is in English, so we also bought a Chinese version, which is only available in hardcover. That hardcover copy will be kept at Yoyo for anyone to borrow.

Best Regards,
Ramesh Kakkad
Tom Lee
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Re: Yoyo Digital Library

文章Gloria Lo » 週日 8月 28, 2016 11:07 pm

It seems to be a very good book. I wanna give it a try recently. But, it might take long time for me to finish one English book. So maybe I just read one or two chapters firstly. It will definitely help my sleep. HAHA :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thank you, Tom and Ramesh.
Gloria Lo
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