2013 annual reunion

2013 annual reunion

文章Alice Chou » 週四 5月 09, 2013 1:27 pm

Dear all:

Please be informed that Yoyo annual reunion is coming this summer!!
If you are interested in performing the following programs, kindly let me know,

1. Dance
2. Stage play
3. Impersonation

Plus, if you got a special talent and willing to share is also appreciated, thanks.

各位有才的yoyo member, 如果您對以下表演有興趣,
或願意在當天與大家分享您的特殊才藝, 歡迎私訊我, 感謝~
1. 舞蹈
2. 短劇
3. 模仿
有任何更好的意見, 都歡迎提供唷~

Alice Chou
Alice Chou
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