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Hi, All:

Following new members signed up in our annual party:
411 汪麗美 Denise Wang (Linda's friend)
412 林雅眉 May Lin (Galvin's friend)
413 沈銘墾 Tashi Shen (Stacy's friend)
414 吳家豪 Howard Wu (Blithe's friend)
415 王榮聰 Robert Wang
416 劉哲亞 Dan Liu (Sandy Ho's husband)
417 陳秀娟 Claire Chen (Wendy's friend)

Thanks for the referral from Linda, Galvin, Stacy, Blithe, Sandy, and Wendy!
Tashi joined today's (8/1) meeting and made very nice presentation. Howard said he will join this coming Tuesday's session.

Welcome aboard, everyone! We hope to see you all often in the meetings! :)
Iris Wu
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Re: New_Members_20150725

文章Rock » 週一 8月 03, 2015 10:26 pm

It's not easy for an old man to remember so many new names. Gotta try anyway. :wink:
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