文章Iris Wu » 週日 9月 06, 2015 1:03 am

Dear All:

I am glad to announce that two new members just joined us today:
#418 Willy Hu
#419 Chris Chen 陳盈璋

Willy is a web software engineer, and is planning to work in Australia in the near future, so he is very motivated to learn and speak English fluently. We are glad that he still decided to join YoYo after he had attended a few other English study groups. We hope he continues discovering more value in YoYo meetings.

Chris is also working in Engineering field. He had been in YoYo meetings a couple of times but never actually joined. This time, he finally made a commitment to join us and to attend the meeting more regularly. We enjoyed his participation and thoughts sharing in the group discussion.

Let's welcome both of them to the group!

Willy and Chris:
You can register an account on the forum and feel free to make comments on our posting. :)

2015 YoYo Accounting Spreadsheet: ... Rg/pubhtml
Iris Wu
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Re: New_Members_20150905

文章Tina Sun » 週日 9月 06, 2015 9:12 pm

Tina Sun
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Re: New_Members_20150905

文章Shirley Hsu » 週日 9月 06, 2015 9:52 pm

Welcome Willy and Chris!
Shirley Hsu
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Re: New_Members_20150905

文章Rock » 週一 9月 07, 2015 7:54 am

Ha, Christ is finally here. I've known him for years. Ooops, I didn't mean Jesus, although I've known Him for quite some time, too.
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