「Must Read」Requirement of email update of members

「Must Read」Requirement of email update of members

文章tashi » 週六 10月 15, 2016 11:05 pm

Dear YOYOers,

Since we now have a formal Email account yoyoxclub@gmail.com now, I want to join as many members as I can to the mail account’s contact directory.

However, It seems too complicated to either wirting a program to parse all accounts from our Google Doc or exporting them from our forrum which is PHPBB based. Besides, I was also wondering that some mail accounts are already abandoned or not the primary account any more.

As a result, please allow me to propose a idea that for whom still track YOYO update and be interested in joining our meetings/activities, please kindly help send a message to yoyoxclub@gmail.com so I can

Make sure it’s the account you use to receive our information.
Include you all as contacts
Setup a group to include all contacts

You may use the title “「Member email update」XXX” -> XXX is your Chinese name and about the content, it’s welcome to say anything or just a hello. In this way, I will be able to filter all these mails and archive them to one folder after joining the contacts.

Best Regards,
Tashi Shen
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