It's Thanksgiving, just want to say THANK YOU!

It's Thanksgiving, just want to say THANK YOU!

文章Edward » 週一 11月 21, 2005 8:05 am

Dear Yoyo friends,

With gray smoke raising out of the brick chimneys and into the clear blue sky, and the last few yellow and red leaves clinging on to the maple trees, and the smell of wood burning in the fireplaces fill the air, we welcome Thanksgiving.

It is the day in the US where many families will gather and have the biggest meal of the year (and the worst day for the turkeys) and see family members and close friends that they have not seen all year (hmmm, is that good or bad).

It is also the time of the year for me to express my thanks to all my Yoyo friends that have given me so much and in so many different ways. Thank you Yoyo friends!

I sincerely thank Yoyo for providing a very comfortable environment for me to practice my English and meet new friends, and a forum for me to post my thoughts. Although the one session I attended ended a month ago, many friends have continue to keep in touch and share their life’s joy with me. I thank you.

I also want to thank all the friends for posting the nice pictures (the pictures are extra nice since none of them have me in it, haha). It is especially nice to see all the fun and healthy things Yoyo friends are doing, you have motivated me to get out more and do more exercise. I thank you.

Finally I want to thank all of you for taking me in and making me part of this wonderful Yoyo family. I very much look forward to many many more fun and educational gatherings with the group and I hope to meet many many more wonderful Yoyo friends.

Wishing you all the best and THANK YOU!

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文章Lydia » 週二 11月 22, 2005 12:02 am

To Edward,


I think what you experienced in YOYO is exactly what everybody experienced on you too!
The person of YOYO comes from all directions, everybody is very outstanding, kindhearted and enthusiastic, so birds of a feather flock together, let YOYO be more and more attractive ! :wink:

Thank you again and Happy Thanksgiving !

每天給自己一個希望的開始和一個感恩的結束,即使其間有什麼不順心的,也就不那麼要緊了。 :)

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文章technobabel » 週日 11月 27, 2005 2:55 am

To Edward,

If you are on the verge of channeling your immense feeling of appreciation into something that is more tangible, feel free to do so. Do not try to fight the feeling, just go with the flow.
I am not abandoning Yoyo, I am just dancing slowly away from it.
YOYO member
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