A story of milk tea

A story of milk tea

文章CarmenTao » 週四 12月 04, 2008 2:39 pm

Feeling sleepy this morning, I bought a small cup of hot milk tea in an attempt to make myself survive the whole day. By the way, a milk tea to me is just like a coffee to most people, which I do not drink. I felt so satisfied after a gulp although the rules were broken by this cup of milk tea. What are the rules? Yes, I'm on a diet now. I'm not supposed to drink anything that sweet. This is a story of why I'm on a diet.

Have you thought about the first sentence you'll utter or your first reaction when you meet your ex? I've never thought about it before. What I'm pretty sure is that I'll tell my friend, "How do I look today? I just met XXX. Shoot! I look so ugly today!"

What's even worse? When you meet your ex, he has become a lot more handsome and younger while you have two super herpes on your lower lip. He has shed a lot of weight and you are still as chubby as you have been, and again, with two super herpes on your ugly face.

Well, the aforementioned awkward situation was stimulus to my diet plan. Yes, it's me encountering it unluckily last Saturday. I'd like conclude this article with a question to Rock, Tim, Georgia, "How did I look last Saturday?"

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Re: A story of milk tea

文章Georgia » 週四 12月 04, 2008 3:56 pm

there there,.. don't feel so bad about that... you looked great last Saturday, and I liked the way you twist your hair up with hair clips... the dress was nice, the beige sweater was graceful... all good~~~

you know, I only bumped into an ex once in my life time because that ex and I were still good friends... all the rest confessed that they've seen me in the streets one or two times... but they wouldn't dare to confront me because they owe me too much haha....
anyway... the thing is, I'm always prepared to occasionally bump into any ex since I'm clearly aware that I am the best they could ever have, and remain the best they can ever get. Why bother to feel bad for coming across a person so blind? .... well unless you're the one who ditched him... then it'll be another story...@@

ps. me on a diet 2 ... so painful.... :ccry:
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