█ Journal.2011.01.20—A New Necklace

█ Journal.2011.01.20—A New Necklace

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Last year, something big happened to me. Well, maybe not that big, but it did have great impact on me, which made me start thinking about things that never hit my mind before. I was still in a mess at the beginning of this year—even though I was very determined to change myself, I still had trouble pulling myself out of this soul-sucking-mud situation. A colleague I used to work with five years ago sent a message saying that she would like to send me a pink crystal as a gift to wish me all the best. She heard what has been going on with my life and felt sorry for me, and she wanted to give forward her blessings like she always did when a friend was in need.

I was very much surprised and flattered because I could hardly remember the last time I received a present , not to mention a present from a friend whose life has drifted apart from mine for a while. I felt precious, and I felt grateful. Gladly I accepted the beautiful necklace she showed me. Two days later, which was Jan. 18th to be precise, I received a small package when I got home. There was a moment of peace before I opened the package. When I saw the oval-shaped crystal fall into my hand, with its reflection leaving a gentle touch of pink in the center of my palm, I felt blessed. I felt my friend from across the Pacific Ocean. It may have been a cruel, bitter, cold winter, but my heart is warmed by her friendly, sincere gesture. I am blessed.
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