Autumn sun

Autumn sun

文章Edward » 週五 11月 04, 2005 8:46 am

Hi All,

Wow, what a beautiful day! I noticed the most beautiful days are always the days that the weatherman/woman forecast rain. Not a single drop, just deep blue sky with streaks of white cloud making the heaven into an impressionist painting.

As I walk back from lunch today, this beautiful autumn day stop me on my track. The sunshine is so soothing, I had to stay in the sun and let my skin soak it all in. Listening to the waterfall and watching the birds jumping from tree to tree it was hard to complete the last few steps to go back to the office. The humming bird is working feverishly to get the last few flowers that are still blooming, in great contrast to the lazy afternoon stillness.

The sound of the waterfall and the leaves being mix up by the light wind highlighted with birds chirping is the symphony of autumn.

Today is just another day in this beautiful world, just another glorious autumn day. Isn’t it great to be alive!

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文章technobabel » 週五 11月 04, 2005 1:47 pm

That Eden-esque picture you'd just described is indeed very inviting, but...
Meanwhile migratory birds are spreading H5N1 virus all over this God forsaken earth.
It is great to be alive, indeed.
Enjoy it while you can.
Enjoy it while you can.
I am not abandoning Yoyo, I am just dancing slowly away from it.
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