7/9 (Tue.) Stereotypes about countries around the world

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7/9 (Tue.) Stereotypes about countries around the world

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Dear all,

I remember the topic related to stereotypes have been discussed before. I hope you don't mind that I choose this as the topic to be discussed in Session One. I'd like to share my personal experience of encountering the incidents in different countries with you. What would you react if you were me

Session One : Stereotypes about countries around the world

Here are stereotypes about different countries, including some that residents are tired of hearing!
1. Canada is cold all year long
2. All Americans are super patriotic
3. Britain has terrible food
4. French waiters are rude
5. All Italians are fashionable
6. All Australian animals are dangerous
7. Russians love vodka
8. The Chinese are very rich
9. All Swiss residents carry Swiss army knives when travelling
10. Germans drink a lot of beer
11. Bullfighting is the Spanish national pastime
12. Swedish women are all tall blondes
13. Smoking weed is legal in the Netherlands
14. The Polish are hard-drinking Catholics
15. Kenya is all national parks, no cities or technology
16. The Japanese use chopsticks to eat sushi
17. There are wild animals and safaris in all African countries
18. All Irish have red hair

- What is your foreign friends' first impression or stereotype about Taiwan ?
- Have you heard any interesting stereotypes about a country which are not listed above ? If so, please share.
- A real scenario happened in an airplane :

A rich Asian family travelling from Singapore to the UK. The members include a couples, one mother-in-law, 2 children, 1 infant, 1 maid. The infants cry out loud through the whole journey, only to be calm when she's held by an adult. The mother has never trying to calm her down. The father tried to hold the baby few times after one of European guys complaint to him. Then, I heard two British old lady who sat behind me exchanged a look and said " Chinese parents "
Do you think this is a discrimination or a stereotype ? How would you react toward the family ? and toward the comment from the elder lady ?
(The incident happened in 2017. However, I've experienced a similar situation recently, also from an Asian family....)

Session Two : what you can do about climate change

1. Be aware of your emissions
2. Drive and fly less
3. Reduce your electricity use
4. Eat less meat
5. Shop at your local fruit and vegetable market
6. Reduce, reuse, recycle
7. Plant trees
8. Know your area and be prepared
9. Conserve water
10. Further ideas.... (please refer to the article.)

- Are you applying any of the methods or suggestions in the article to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions ? What are they ?

- Apart from the actions suggested in the article, do you have any alternative ways to individuals ?
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Re: 7/9 (Tue.) Stereotypes about countries around the world

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Thanks for the participants to join the gathering :

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