Something about Valentine's Day (Wen) (2/11)

Something about Valentine's Day (Wen) (2/11)

文章Yubor » 週日 2月 08, 2004 9:55 pm

Hello folks,

Since Valentine's Day is coming soon, I'd like to discuss something about Valentine's Day. You might need to recall those sweet memory and share with us. hey..hey..Please be fully prepared.

Please refer to the following questions for the discussion:

Q1: When did your First Love happen? How did you know each other? Tell us the one you love deeply (long times ago)/ (few days ago) and share with us why she/he attracts you so much.

Q2: what kind of style you will choose as your future spouse? What is a must as you choose your spouse?

Q3: In your opinon, which place is the best dating place? Have your gf/bf done something for you which made you deeply touched?

Q4: What kind of gift do you plan to give to her/him on Valentine's Day and why? Anything symbolic? (Suppose you had a gf/bf now if you don't have).

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