Topic and Question for Wen 8/27

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Topic and Question for Wen 8/27

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Next Wednesday we will talk about science fiction, but rather than posting a long and tiresome article for everyone to read I'll just give you a short introduction to what we will talk about. Fiction by definition is "The act of feigning, inventing, or imagining" it is untrue and unreal if can be fantasized worlds like The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter or futuristic science fiction like Star Trek or Star Wars. Imagine yourself in a place like this; take your mind back to the days of childhood where girls dream of being a princess waiting to be saved by a brave knight, and boys fantasizing of being the Man of Steel, the place where dreams lay ..................

1. Do believe that there is life on other planets besides ours? If so what would you imagine they look like? What would you do if? You came face to face with an alien for the first time?

2. Do you sometimes wish that you have supernatural powers? If so what powers would you wish for? Invisibility, power to fly, ultimate strength, x-ray vision, telepathic abilities? How and where would you use these powers?

3. If you could bring back any person from history, who would you bring back and why? What problems do you think that they will have when they see the world today and how would you help them adjust to modern times?

4. If you can change history by eliminating the existence of any human being ever lived who would it be and why?

5. Surprise question, come to the meeting and you'll see.