Sense of humor(9/3)

Sense of humor(9/3)

文章David Jr. » 週二 9月 02, 2003 1:29 pm

Ben ask me to post this article for him

Sense of humor

Today we gonna talking about the sense of humor. What is the “humor”?
Humor is an attitude. An attitude to express, an attitude to listen, even an attitude to think. Humor is also lubricant for relations between people. An ex-president of United States is known of his humorous, once in his speech, the “first lady” was falling to sleep just on the first row, and began to snore……, at that moment, the situation was quite embarrassing, then the President said: dear wife, didn’t we decide to show this move when lots of audience felt sleepy? The sense of humor can cease the embarrassing often.

Since we will discus the “humor.” There are some difference from the regular chat : I hope Everybody can prepare “two” different jokes. We will discus some questions in two “45 mins” group chat, the most interesting part is everyone should share your own jokes with each other, and each group elect the most funny one to share with us. Expect your guys’ funny jokes. ^^

Group discussing 1

Jokes sharing

1. Do you like to deal with a humorous person? Why ?

2. If the answer of question 1. is positive, how to become one of them (humorous people) ?

Group discussing 2

Joke sharing

1. The sense of humor is natural personality or we can train to have it?

2. What is the difference between humorous and uproarious ?
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apologize ~

文章Ben » 週二 9月 02, 2003 4:31 pm

I wanna say sorry to u guys.

As u know, i took the host job on 9/3 wed last week, replace Annie's turn.(cou'z she gonna prepare to go abroad)

Cou'z I will return to school next mon, there are lots of things to do....

So I didn't post the topic untill today.

Still expect your funny jokes. ^^

p.s. 在我 post 文章的時候發生了一件很神奇的事情:我從我的最愛連進
留言版 post 了本次的主題,但是其他人卻看不到 (只有我自己看的到)
所以我請 David 幫我代po
then, 我今天下午嘗試從舊的yoyo 論壇 link 進來 就能看到跟大家一樣的東
西。 於是我又嘗試從我的最愛再連一次,發現同一個版卻看到兩種不同的版
本,一個是我自己 post 的 topic 版本,另外一個是 David 幫我 post 的版本
,真是太神奇了。 (我想可能是 cookie or temp 檔的問題)

提供給以後的 host 參考
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