06/14(Sat)Positive vs. Negative thinking (Host:David Jr.)

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I learnt one expression from the paragraph below - swing for the fences.

At the same time, we need pessimists to anticipate the worst and prepare us all for it. On average, research indicates that people who never worry have lower job performance than those who worry from time to time. Studies also show that when entrepreneurs are highly optimistic, their new ventures bring in less revenue and grow more slowly, and when CEOs are highly optimistic, they take on more risky debt and swing for the fences more often, putting their companies in jeopardy. (This may be why there are fewer optimistic CFOs than CEOs.)

It is a baseball term that means a batter is swinging at the ball as hard as possible, hoping for a home run. This phrase is also used figuratively to mean a person is going 'all out', or giving something their maximum effort. (go all out: to put all your energy or enthusiasm into what you are doing)
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