9/2 (Sat.) Dream Analysis (host:Jason)

9/2 (Sat.) Dream Analysis (host:Jason)

文章Rock » 週四 8月 31, 2017 10:19 pm

Hi, I intentionally picked a topic from our database. Please check out the original post to know more details about it. Maybe you will be surprised to see how far we can trace back?


Session 1:
1) Can you feel the change of the transition of each stage of your sleep? Share you experiences with your team!
2) Based on the information on the types of dreams, which type do you tend to have mostly? Share the content and scenario of your dreams (whether recurring dreams, nightmares, or healing dreams) with your team.
3) Have you played a role like dream analyst to scrutinize your friend’s dream? How did you help her/him to find the relation between the dream and her/his life? Or just provide similar experiences of how your dream was analyzed by her/him?
4) Have any of your dreams really become a signal to predict the events in your real life?

Session 2: I list two dreams posted on a forum of Dream Interpretation, as well as 3 links which are the explanations of how the three kinds of dream themes, including Body parts, House, and Characters, reflect your personal concerns of your real life in a dream. In this session, everybody will engage into how the dream themes predict or actually reflect a person’s concerns or life issues. You may use your personal dream for your discussion or use either of the two listed below! In the next step, choose one person as the patient and others as her/his friend of the patient. Try to act out the scene in which the people as “the friends” contribute their opinions based on the dream themes to interpret the patient’s dream. This is a role play more like a patient receiving a consultation from a psychiatrist. But this time, all of you are psychiatrists.

‧ Two stories on dream:

a. I had a dream in which I went to a wild party out in California (LA). Leo reached out his hand to greet me and I punched his lip and split it in two. I then walked away and entered another dream sequence.

b. Brad Pitt is really not my type but I had a disturbing dream - Brad and I were dressed in our pj's ready for bed. We had kissed a couple of times on the lounge and it was getting a little hot. Then I told him I wanted another baby -- a girl -- when there came knocks on the door. It was our next door neighbours who dropped in with their three kids. Then I realised my current partner was sitting with Julia Roberts in another room away from the kitchen. I went to the kitchen to make coffee and drew my female neighbour aside complaining, "Can’t you see I have Brad Pitt in his pj's on the lounge, and we really, really want to go to bed. So get out!" She replied, “Sorry. Give me five minutes and we’ll be gone.” They eventually left. Then Brad and I started kissing -- he was an extremely good kisser and then I woke up.

3:45 ~ 4:00pm Greetings & Free Talk / Ordering Beverage or Meal / Getting Newcomer’s Information
4:00 ~ 4:10pm Opening Remarks / Newcomer’s Self-introduction / Grouping
(Session I)
4:10 ~ 4:50pm Discussion Session (40 mins)
4:50 ~ 5:10pm Summarization (20 mins)
5:10 ~ 5:15pm Regrouping / Instruction Giving / Taking a 10 Minutes Break (Intermission)
(Session II)
5:15 ~ 5:55pm Discussion Session (40 mins)
6:00 ~ 6:20pm Summarization (20 mins)
6:20 ~ 6:30pm Concluding Remarks / Announcements
聚會時間:請準時 4:00 pm 到 ~ 約 6:30 pm 左右結束
地址、電話:台北市濟南路三段25號 地圖 (02) 2740-2350
捷運站:板南線 忠孝新生站 3 號出口
走法:出忠孝新生站 3 號出口後,沿著巷子(忠孝東路三段10巷)走約 2 分鐘,到了濟南路口,左轉走約 2 分鐘即可看到。
最低消費: 80 元

1. 文章是否需要列印請自行斟酌,但與會者請務必自行列印 Questions for discussion。
2. 與會者請先閱讀過文章,並仔細想過所有的問題,謝謝合作!

1. 請事先準備2~3分鐘的英語自我介紹;會議結束前可能會請你發表1~2分鐘的感想。
2. 請事先閱讀文章以及主持人所提的討論問題,並事先寫下自己所欲發表意見的英文。
3. 全程以英語進行,參加者應具備中等英語會話能力,對任一討論問題,能夠以5到10句英文表達個人見解。
4. 在正式加入之前,可以先來觀摩三次,觀摩者亦須參與討論。正式加入需繳交終身會費 NT$1,000。
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Re: 9/2 (Sat.) Dream Analysis (host:Jason)

文章Luis Ko » 週六 9月 02, 2017 12:05 am

role play!! it reminds me that yoyo used to have a lot of role play kinds of meeting topics. it was fun in many people's opinions. unfortunately it happens to be what i can't be used to haa.. but then again, it could be fun really. hope you guys will enjoy it lo~ :mrgreen:
i might be a cynic and, a sceptic as well but, i'm definitely not a bad person!!
Luis Ko
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Re: 9/2 (Sat.) Dream Analysis (host:Jason)

文章Rock » 週六 9月 02, 2017 11:30 am

Role play? No, I hate role play, and I will suggest my good host not to do it as a role play. We will still do it in a discussion way.
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Re: 9/2 (Sat.) Dream Analysis (host:Jason)

文章Kooper » 週日 9月 03, 2017 8:49 pm

Host: Jason
Attendee(14): Christine(new comer), Leo, Robert, Emily(new comer), Jessica, Kooper, Vicky, Kity(new comer), Rock, Kris, Laura, Gloria, Way, Julian
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Re: 9/2 (Sat.) Dream Analysis (host:Jason)

文章Rock » 週一 9月 04, 2017 7:18 pm

Thank you Kooper. I was wondering if I can make the list full without the sheet. Just forgot it again, shoot. Thanks to my senile dementia. :shock:
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