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Re: 1/6 Dunning-Kruger Effect & A Mastermind (Host: Iris)

文章發表於 : 週日 1月 07, 2018 11:34 pm
Iris Wu
Attendees: Michael, David Jr. Way, Momo, LuLu, Leon, Steve, Tashi, Amy, Ryan, Rock, Sherry, Shirley, Sabrina, Kooper, Yvonne, Anne, Janice, Luis, Jay (Newcomer), Gloria, Tina, Iris (host).
I appreciate your participation!

I understand the topics probably cover too much, so it was a bit hard to discuss them in depth, even we continued the conversation in our post-meeting dinner time and in our LINE group chat, we seem to be more "confused", well, at least I am! :)

I am sorry I did not have time to research further and reply all the excellent questions raised in/after the meeting. Maybe this will be my homework while traveling? :)

Re: 1/6 Dunning-Kruger Effect & A Mastermind (Host: Iris)

文章發表於 : 週二 1月 09, 2018 2:20 am
1. According to Cambridge dictionary, "think for yourself" means to form your own opinions. So, how should we say 為自己著想?

2. About cynicism, as we know, cynical people tend to believe in conspiracy theory. Do we agree on that? If yes, let's take a look of the following paragraph I saw on Internet.



I sort of agree with it. If you don't, we can discuss it further

Re: 1/6 Dunning-Kruger Effect & A Mastermind (Host: Iris)

文章發表於 : 週二 1月 09, 2018 10:03 am
Thank you, Michael. I agree with you. Though Luis may not totally agree because he seems to be an expert on this topic.

Re: 1/6 Dunning-Kruger Effect & A Mastermind (Host: Iris)

文章發表於 : 週二 1月 09, 2018 11:11 am
Janice Wang
Rock 寫:
Luis Ko 寫:... to think for yourself and to think differently like you always do that's the point here i would say...

I am kind of nervous to hear that me being "thinking differently" now. I didn't even notice that I think differently from others. Isn't everybody thinking differently from everybody? Am I really different? :shock: :cry:

I also agree with your points. We should always think for ourselves. (這句是我們該自我思考?還是我們該為自己著想?) Following others is one thing, following them blindly is another. However, the thin line between critical thinking and cynicism is not clear for me, so I guess sometimes I'm being cynical without knowing it. Announcing myself being a cynic is lacking originality because you've already patented it. Or may I share it with you? :shock:

When I first encountered the word “cynical”, I was also being introduced to both “gullible” and “skeptical”. To me, they are triplets when it comes to provocative thinking. In my opinion, many people, including myself, either somewhat display the Dunning-Kugger Effect or have long been accustomed to analogous thinking which somehow lead us to be gullible and jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of efficiency, convenience, or cordiality. Moreover, to be skeptical requires a certain amount of wisdom and knowledge to back you up from not being paranoid, and being a cynic takes great amount of pressure to stand out dissenting ALL while risking to be dubbed as Donald Trump. Surely, the voice of skepticism and cynicism is as important as the idea of “agree to disagree”, the cornerstone of democracy.

As a new blood at YOYO, the riveting beauty of coming to YOYO, aside from honing my English skills, stems from enthralling myself with some of your novel and fascinating opinions towards a wide array of subjects which helps sharpening my rusty brain. Thus, Rock, please do stay with your hallmark - “thinking differently”, it is delightful to cogitate on some of your unique and intriguing thoughts! Besides, I think if other “Presidents” could be as reflective as you are regarding that thin line between critical thinking and cynicism; the world might be less chaotic and our country would be more promising, solidified and safer!

With my amateurish understanding of The First Principle’s Theory, it’s to break down the target to observe all the facts, then put them together to create new ideas or innovations. In a nutshell, to deconstruct and reconstruct! While coming to the end of the meeting, David urged us to solicit an example regarding the application of the theory from our daily life. However, we seemed to come shy from finding one right off the bat due to time. To that point, Rock’s latest post caught my attention and demonstrates the improvising of the FP theory perfectly through the example of rocket building. After all, not everyone wants to launch a rocket,but to learn a practical theory is always welcoming!Thanks for sharing your insights, Rock!

Last but not least, Iris, kudos to your excellent hosting!

Re: 1/6 Dunning-Kruger Effect & A Mastermind (Host: Iris)

文章發表於 : 週二 1月 09, 2018 1:46 pm
Wow! What an amazing piece of writing, Janice! Do you work for TIME magazine?

Thank you for encouraging me not to change my stripes. It's good to know that some people also appreciate our geeky discussions. Yoyo, luckily, can serve as a playground for us thinkers. Being cynical or skeptical actually is better than being bored, right?

Please join our discussion and fight some people next time. Though I personally don't want to fight someone who is totally out of my league like you. :lol: