4/17(Tue)"scrappers” or “silver spoons” (Host:Rosie)

4/17(Tue)"scrappers” or “silver spoons” (Host:Rosie)

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Ted talk : Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume?
https://www.ted.com/talks/regina_hartle ... ect_resume

Regina Hartley, the current VP of Human Resources with UPS, gave a TED Talk back in September of 2015, all about how the best hire, may not have the best resume.

During her talk, she poses the scenarios of two candidates, both with the same basic qualifications however it is easy to see that Candidate A has been offered more and better opportunity throughout their life. Candidate A has a degree from an Ivy League school, has held a 4.0 GPA, great recommendations and overall a flawless resume. Candidate B has the same degree from a less prestigious State College, a fair amount of job-hopping and has held several odd jobs. Hartley categorizes both of these candidates into two groups, Silver Spoons and Scrappers.

Hartley explains why someone with a less prestigious background, deserves to be considered for a position. She points out that the Scrapper is someone whom has had to fight for where they are and dealt with adversity. The Scrapper is someone that already knows how to bear through tough times and is accustomed to overcoming the odds. The Silver Spoon, while not necessarily unable to deal with adversity, is just not as experienced in doing so.

Questions for discussion
Session 1:
Q1. In the TED Talk Regina Hartley, UPS’s human resources director, makes an argument about “scrappers” and “silver spoons” – the advantage of hiring people who had to fight for their achievements versus people who were destined for success. How would you comment on Hartley’s talk?

Q2. The speaker categorized candidate A as “Silver Spoons” and candidate B as “Scrapper”, while both are qualified. If you were the recruiter, what will be the main consideration to make the decision? who are you going to pick?

Q3. Do you think that western countries are more willing to give chances to "Scrapper" than Taiwan? Why?

Q4. Reference check is a common practice before a company decides to hire a person. Is it an effective way in terms of finding a right person for a company?

Session 2:

Q5. The TED talk mentioned Post Traumatic Growth(創傷成長); the worst circumstances can result in growth and transformation. They know they are who they are because of adversity. They embrace their trauma and hardships as key elements of who they've become, and know that without those experiences, they might not have developed the muscle and grit required to become successful. Do you think it's better to face adversity at an earlier age?

Q6. How trauma can make people not lead to distress and give up on themselves, but result in growth and transformation? Is it about the personality?

Q7. Do you think that finding a life partner has similarities to landing a decent job? and that keeping a job also has similarities to maintaining a marriage?

Q8. Have you experienced that the company chose a wrong one for a position and that got you or the company into trouble?

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