1/22(Tue.) Red Bean Soup (Host:Felicia)

1/22(Tue.) Red Bean Soup (Host:Felicia)

文章Felicia.Tong » 週四 1月 03, 2019 4:22 pm

Hello everyone, this is Felicia. I will be the host on Jan. 22nd. I retold and wrote this true story in 2010. For years, I couldn’t forget and always rethink it. It is a story about incarnation and strong tenacity. I hope you like it and make our discussion more inspiring.
Red Bean Soup
This was a true story I heard when I was a high school student in the Chinese class. Until now, I still remind the story all the time. Every time when I rethink it, I seem to be told the story again and my heart is laden with indescribable shocks.

One day, my Chinese teacher addressed in class,

"My brother could not sleep well for at least thirty years because every night he dreamed the same dream in which he was always eating a bowl of red bean soup. One day he took a bus to somewhere. While passing through a harbor, he saw an old woman who was selling red bean soup on her stand. My brother didn't know why he had a strong motivation to get off the bus and bought red bean soup from the old woman and drank it. After that day, he could sleep very well and never dreamed the red bean soup dream. But his mind was still obsessed with the mysterious incident, so in order to figure it out he decided to take a bus to the same place again. But no matter how hard he was looking for the old woman, he couldn't find her anymore. Therefore, he started to ask the other vendors around there. The answer, he got, was, “we have never seen the woman you described before.” So he gave up looking for the old woman and went home disappointedly.

Several months passed, my brother still could not forget the incident with red bean soup and the old woman, but still, this matter didn't have any progress. Until one year later, he was introduced to see a monk. When the monk saw him, he told him immediately, “You was a fisherman in last incarnation, and the old woman you met a year ago was your wife at that time. You died from a wreck in the sea. Even though you were dead, your wife still cooked red bean soup for you and waited for you every day because you loved to eat red bean soup when you were alive. Your wife believed that she will meet you someday.

Last year, when you saw her, she was already eighty-seven. She still stayed in the last transmigration, but you have already had a new one. To let you eat your favorite red bean soup was your wife's biggest hope, so she didn’t give up keeping waiting for you. Actually, you became husband and wife only for two years, and you were dead in her age of 20. Therefore, she waited for you for decades. Now she had fulfilled her wish and been released, so she was gone for her next transmigration. That is the reason why you won't dream the dream of red bean soup anymore. You can start your new life now. As for why those vendors said that they didn’t see your wife was because she had already died and what you saw was her soul.”"

I always believe there is an invisible emotional line between each other. Two people will meet each other one day and nothing can stop it if the line exists. If not, just let it go.
Session I
1. What is the motif of this short story?
2. Did you have someone or something that was obsessed in your mind? What was your story? What did you think you should learn from this experience?
Session II
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2. 請事先閱讀文章以及主持人所提的討論問題,並事先寫下自己所欲發表意見的英文。
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Re: 1/22(Tue.) Red Bean Soup (Felicia)

文章morris25 » 週五 1月 04, 2019 4:47 pm

Now I understand why I have not slept well for more than 30 years :ccry: .
I definitely need to eat a bowl of red bean soup. :sun:
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Re: 1/22(Tue.) Red Bean Soup (Felicia)

文章Felicia.Tong » 週一 1月 07, 2019 11:49 am

morris25 寫:Now I understand why I have not slept well for more than 30 years :ccry: .
I definitely need to eat a bowl of red bean soup. :sun:

Perhaps you has something that is obsessed in your mind as well.
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Re: 1/22(Tue.) Red Bean Soup (Host:Felicia)

文章JohnH » 週三 1月 09, 2019 3:10 am

After reading through this story for the first time, I was trying to figure out the element embedded that tugged at my heartstring by peeling off layers of any aspects of this story, which is simple, plain and short without too many characters involved. There’re two main elements which I found quite fascinating. Firstly, the idea of reincarnation is always obsessive to us probably due in part to its feature of immortality and the dramatic turn comes up right at the mention of this keyword. Long-waiting over decades for the significant other might play a vital role in the strong sense of emotional resonance provoked among us and that’s when and where the transcendental events come into play and do their job of bringing it to life. Secondly, the extremely accessible food almost to anyone in life—red bean soup works perfectly as a magnet drawing people in on figurative meaning because that’s what everyone can relate to on the basis of everyday life experience. Not only that, the mention of food in the story is always a good emotional trigger via the activation of our five senses. However, that’s just my first impression on this story. Later on, I found out that what’s mentioned above is essentially mutually exclusive. What I am so obsessed with in this story is not these two elements used but the contradiction which the combination of these two elements creates. The indicator of ordinary (red bean soup) with the element along the line of “out of the ordinary” (reincarnation) might be what results in this strong fluctuation of emotion. I don’t know whether there’s an invisible and mysterious filament of cord pairing one person up with the other or two people bump into each other simply by chance but it’s always good to believe there’s something unknown in play and beyond our realm of comprehension. :wink: :wink: :wink:
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