4/9 (Tue.) The Price of Being Single (Host: Felicidad)

4/9 (Tue.) The Price of Being Single (Host: Felicidad)

文章Felicidad » 週日 4月 07, 2019 5:46 pm

This week we are going to discuss the discrimination against single people. Nowadays many people tend to marry late or live single, but sometimes single people (especially women) are stereotyped by wider society and are experiencing various kinds of discriminations in family, at work and in our society. Do you agree? DePaulo has coined two words that are essential to this discussion. “ “Singlism is the stereotyping, stigmatizing and discrimination of people who are not married,” she says. “The flip side of that is matrimania: the over-the-top celebrating and hyping of marriage and coupling and weddings. So if you’re single, you get it coming and going.””

https://www.google.com.tw/amp/s/ideas.t ... ingle/amp/

https://www.google.com.tw/amp/s/amp.scm ... on-against


https://www.nytimes.com/video/opinion/1 ... ation.html

Section 1 : Single Discrimination

1. Do you consider that single people are more likely to be discriminated? Why and why not?

2. Do you agree that there are cultural bias against single? If yes, can you share how being single is treated in different societies?

3. What are the stereotypes and prejudices of single people?
Do you agree that “being single is not good to one’s health and lifespan”?

Section 2 : Singledom or Being Accompanied as a choice

1. In general, are you a team player or do you prefer to work alone?

2. Do you feel comfortable (or dare to ) eat / go to the karaoke / attend a wedding/ go to a movie / travel alone?

3. When do you preferred to be accompanied , and when do you preferred to be alone?

4. Has your attitude of being single or getting married ever changed in your life?
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Re: 4/9 (Tue.) The Guilt of Being Single

文章Iris Wu » 週二 4月 09, 2019 3:36 pm

It’s hard to imagine that kind of discrimination against singles as described in the first TED Talk. The health care resources should be equally offered to everyone, regardless of their marital status. Hopefully, it is not the case in Taiwan. In any event, it’s good to raise the awareness.
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Re: 4/9 (Tue.) The Price of Being Single (Host: Felicidad)

文章Andy » 週四 4月 11, 2019 7:31 pm

Attendees (23) : Andy Liu, Felicidad, Alice, Devry, John, Amy, Shirley, Felicia, David, Liwen, Sabrina, Miller, Sunny, Rosie, Georgia, Tim, LuLu, Julian, Wenhan, Steve, Iris, Luis
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