5/11(Sat.)Japan's 7-11 struggle/new immigration bill (Rosie)

5/11(Sat.)Japan's 7-11 struggle/new immigration bill (Rosie)

文章Rosie » 週四 5月 09, 2019 3:52 pm

5/11 (Sat.) Topic: Japan's 7-Eleven considers changing 24-hour policy/ Japan passes new immigration bill to attract foreign workers (Rosie)

A recent dispute between Seven-Eleven Japan Co. and one of its franchise stores has brought the convenience store industry’s around-the-clock service into the spotlight amid a severe nationwide labor crunch.

The convenience store industry has become a key player in the Japanese retail sector and more than 90 percent of the over 55,000 stores in the country are open around the clock. The 24-hour service is primarily aimed at meeting demand from customers at night, but convenience store chains also stress their stores’ role as part of social infrastructure, including helping prevent nighttime crime and supplying goods in the event of disasters. The merits of the around-the-clock service, the chains say, also include the use of the quieter late-night hours to check products and clean up.

In some cases, convenience store chains allow for exceptions to the 24-hour service standard. Lawson has allowed some of its franchise stores to close late at night, while Family Mart is testing shorter operating hours in Kyoto.

Convenience store chains are apparently concerned that if permission to close late at night is given too readily, they will face a rush of such requests from stores. But if the plight of shops goes unaddressed, convenience store chains will face the risk of losing more part-time workers and even store owners, hurting their ability to maintain store networks and the bottom line.

Japan's 24-hour convenience stores struggle to keep doors open all night due to labor crunch
https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/ ... or-crunch/
Facing labor shortages 7-Elevens, Family Marts in Japan seek Taiwanese employees

Session one
Q1. The 7-Eleven chain has grown since the 1970s as its 24-hour accessibility proved a perfect match with densely populated Japan and its late-night work culture. People enjoy the benefit for a long time. Do you think it is a good idea that 7-eleven abandon its 24-hour store policy in the near future? What will be the impact?

Q2. Facing labor shortages 7-Elevens, Family Marts in Japan seek Taiwanese employees. Do you think it is a good chance that Taiwanese job seekers with an interest in Japan or the Japanese language to apply for the visa at a convenience store in Japan?

Q3. Will you look down on yourself to work in the convenience store as a full time job?

Session two
Japan passes controversial new immigration bill to attract foreign workers in the end of 2018. The new policy recognizes that the Japanese economy faces severe labor shortages in a wide range of industries and marginally loosens the requirements for a specific set of workers, in an otherwise extremely strict immigration regime.

Japan passes controversial new immigration bill to attract foreign workers
https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/ja ... story.html
Japan and the immigration issue
https://www.japantimes.co.jp/community/ ... ion-issue/

Q4. Is large scale immigration a solution to the perceived problems of ageing and depopulation in Japan?

Q5. The program is supposed to bring in workers from other Asian countries to gain skills in Japan. Will it end up that workers are paid little, work incredibly long hours, and get little or no training? In order to reduce creating an “immigration problem, do you think Japan has responsibility creating a social and legal framework that allows for the successful long-term integration of immigrants into society?

Q6. Japan is not ready or willing to accept an immigrant influx. Do you think what make Japan has very old, deeply rooted national cultures unlike immigrant-based societies?

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Re: 5/11(Sat.)Japan's 7-11 struggle/new immigration bill (Ro

文章Luis Ko » 週五 5月 10, 2019 10:33 pm


Of course I understand what this article is trying to say but, I do find it difficult to read, at least for some sentences. Guess I need to study hard and read more.. :?
i might be a cynic and, a sceptic as well but, i'm definitely not a bad person!!
Luis Ko
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Re: 5/11(Sat.)Japan's 7-11 struggle/new immigration bill (Ro

文章Kooper » 週六 5月 11, 2019 10:58 am

We consumers might take it for granted that convenience stores are up and running 24-7. After all, they are entitled “convenience” and should bring us great convenience, shouldn't they? They however were not born to do business this way. The 24-hour service started in Japan in 1975 and Taiwan in 1983. The convenience stores continued running around the clock not because this helped the police cut down crime rates or to meet social obligation of the business, but merely because that business model proved to be very profitable. Today the market has become highly competitive; convenience stores are no longer lucrative. It makes perfect sense for the store owners to stop business as usual.
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Re: 5/11(Sat.)Japan's 7-11 struggle/new immigration bill (Ro

文章Kooper » 週一 5月 20, 2019 6:53 pm

Attendees(22): Michael, Morris, Gloria, Lyu, Sabrina, Tom Lee, Carrie, Michelle, Lulu, Alice, Christine Hsiu, Debby, Kooper, Timothy, Winston, Iris, Carmelo, Andy Liu, Steve, Annie, Julian, Rosie (host)
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