5/21 (Tue.): Work-life balance? (Host: Douglas)

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5/21 (Tue.): Work-life balance? (Host: Douglas)

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This week we are going to explore several aspects of the relationship between work and life, hopefully lucky enough with opinions shared by some workaholics attending yoyo after work!

Session I: What makes a workaholic?
Here are some observation of modern working attitudes and cause of workaholics:
https://www.1843magazine.com/ideas/the- ... 0Cycp0jEB4
https://www.1843magazine.com/features/w ... rk-so-hard

Questions for Session I:
1. Is work central to your life? Have you seen any workaholics in your family or friends? How long are their working hours?
2. Are workaholics beneficial or harmful? To themselves? To colleagues? To their family? Do you think Taiwanese people work too much? Do you feel that you work too much? Why and Why not?
3. Do you spot working hours lengthened or shortened in Taiwan in recent decades/years? Do you think technology(ex: communication apps and AI) increases or decreases working hours? Why?
4. Did you make close friends with your colleagues/clients/others you met during working? Why or why not?

Session II: Whether and how you can achieve work-life balance
In the second session let's try to convince ourselves with different styles of work-life balance.
Seemingly contrasting ways of work-life balance can be shown below:
Typical: How to make work-life balance work
https://www.ted.com/talks/nigel_marsh_h ... lance_work
Critical: The Fallacy of the Work/Life Balance
Some practical examples:

Questions for Session II:
1. Do you reckon that work is an important part of you/your life? Have you ever tried to achieve some type of work-life balance? Or have you experienced any dilemma between work and family and how have you got through it?
2. Do you agree with the view that work and life cannot be separated, or the other way? So there is nothing to be balanced, as long as we are always positive and moving forward?
3. Life is short, and time management is critical. Is it suitable or desirable for you to utilize every possible moment to work to be efficient and spare more time for leisure?
4. Share some of your skills for time management please.

6:50~ 7:00pm Greetings & Free Talk / Ordering Beverage or Meal / Getting Newcomer’s Information
7:00 ~ 7:20pm Opening Remarks / Newcomer’s Self-introduction / Grouping
(Session I)
7:20 ~ 8:00pm Discussion Session (40 mins)
8:00 ~ 8:20pm Summarization (20 mins)
8:20 ~ 8:30pm Regrouping / Instruction Giving / Taking a 10 Minutes Break (Intermission)
(Session II)
8:30 ~ 9:10pm Discussion Session (40 mins)
9:10 ~ 9:30pm Summarization / Concluding Remarks / Announcements (20 mins) ********************************************************************************************************************************************
聚會時間:請準時 7:00 pm 到 ~ 約 9:30 pm 左右結束
地址、電話:台北市濟南路三段25號 地圖 (02) 2740-2350
捷運站:板南線 忠孝新生站 3 號出口
走法:出忠孝新生站 3 號出口後,沿著巷子(忠孝東路三段10巷)走約 2 分鐘,到了濟南路口,左轉走約 2 分鐘即可看到。
最低消費: 80 元

1. 文章是否需要列印請自行斟酌,但與會者請務必自行列印 Questions for discussion。
2. 與會者請先閱讀過文章,並仔細想過所有的問題,謝謝合作!

1. 請事先準備2~3分鐘的英語自我介紹。
2. 請事先閱讀文章以及主持人所提的討論問題,並事先寫下自己所欲發表意見的英文。
3. 全程以英語進行,參加者應具備中等英語會話能力,對任一討論問題,能夠以5到10句英文表達個人見解。
4. 在正式加入之前,可以先來觀摩三次,觀摩者亦須參與討論。正式加入需繳交終身會費 NT$1,000。
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Re: 5/21 (Tue.): Work-life balance? (Host: Douglas)

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