6/1 (Sat.) Coffee | Tea (Host: Tashi)

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6/1 (Sat.) Coffee | Tea (Host: Tashi)

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Hi everyone,

While searching for a discussion topic it occurred to me that maybe we can share about the two popular and sophisticated drinks we enjoy every day: coffee and tea.

Some things to pick up about coffee:
1. https://www.fooding.com.tw/article-cont ... aid=104079
2. https://beanbeanmagic.com.tw/Htmls/CoffeeRegions.html
3. https://medium.com/@callumisharp/the-fo ... 4ea8bbdad6
4. https://tw.blog.voicetube.com/archives/50764

Some things to pick up about tea:

5. https://www.sumusen.com.tw/article.php?id=71
6. https://aa39998.wixsite.com/letsnewsmedia/0318
7. https://www.ted.com/talks/shunan_teng_t ... ory_of_tea
8. https://www.globalteamart.com/Library/W ... eaMap.html

Session I questions (please read through them and discuss what you prefer)

1. Based on the first link above, how many kinds of coffee have you had? And which one you do drink most?

2. Currently, the most cost-efficient coffee we can have is from Africa or South America. Have you ever tried any coffee from Taiwan or other Asian countries?

3. There are varieties of coffee beans, and even the same variety could show different flavors when it is grown in different countries/soil characteristics. Have you experienced this before?

4. How is your personal experience of the 4 waves of coffee in your life mentioned in the 3rd link?

5. Good coffee impresses people with various flavor characteristics (aroma/depth/acidity and so on). Describe some of the best coffee you have had and where you enjoyed them. The vocabulary in the 4th link could be helpful.

6. Do you usually drink coffee alone or with your friends/family?
7. How much it cost would bring your interest to buy coffee machines (roaster, grinder, coffee machines)? If you are already practicing this, please share.
Drinking coffee at night could interfere with sleep. Is this true with you?

8. Can you recommend some cafes with great coffee? And where you can also find good pastry to go with their coffee?

Session II questions (please read through them and discuss what you prefer)

1. In the 5th link, how many kinds of tea have you had? And which one do you drink most?

2. What is the most expensive tea you’ve had? Was it worth the cost in your opinion?

3. Among all those tea shops in Taiwan (清心、Comebuy、茶湯會, coco, 五十嵐, 樺達, 布來恩, 藥師, 丸作 and many many others), do you prefer some to others?

4. Do you think that it’s difficult to use a teapot, fresh leaves and boiled water to make tea? How is your experience or what have you observed when other people do it?

5. Why are we having more cafes in Taiwan than teahouses(茶館)? (It seems that teahouses can only be found in certain places like xx會館 or 貓空.)Chinese and Taiwanese teas are famous around the world, but other countries or regions also have their own special teas, such like 花草茶 in Germany, 國寶茶 from South Africa, 拉茶 from India, Matcha in Japan and so on. How is your tea experience from different countries?

6. Have you been to any teahouse to enjoy some tea and dessert? How was it?
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Re: 6/1 (Sat.) Coffee | Tea (Host: Tashi)

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Attendees(15): Apple, Christine, Gloria, Julian, Kooper, Ken, Laura, Leon, Lyu, Michelle, Sabrina, Steve, Tashi (host), Tim, Vincent