6/11 (Tue.) Top athelets | Returned prodigal son

6/11 (Tue.) Top athelets | Returned prodigal son

文章tashi » 週一 6月 03, 2019 10:16 am

I spend a lot of time on jog training courses recently and I started to notice some top athletes.

Fist of all, congratulations to our Badminton queen Tai Tzu-Ying, broke the 129 weeks’ record of former China world champion 李雪芮 and stand firmly to create a higher challenge for other world top badminton competitors and successors.
Queen of Deceptions

As I know there are still some legendary world-class athletes:

Eliud Kipchoge (Marathon)
Roger Federer (Tennis)
Eldrick "Tiger" Woods (Golf)
Michael Jordon (Basketball)
Michael Fred Phelps II (swimming)
Ichiro Suzuki (Baseball)
Alex Honnold (Free solo)
More to go…..

Session I questions:

1. Are you familiar with any of them? share the stories you know to your table members.
2. Why they make themselves succeed? Some sort of philosophy or just talent?
3. Is there anything you have learned from any of them?
4. What exercise are you practicing now and how do you manage it?
5. In addition to getting better performance on that sports/exercises, what else do you get/recognize and how are those exercises affect your daily life?

Session II

Among them, I also noticed that some of them made mistakes in their early years or after becoming famous but they finally turned themselves to sort of role model of “returned prodigal son” that broke their old records and even create the world’s new records. So some questions occur to me:

1. Is this miracle happening on every ordinary people that stumble at some time?
2. If it’s about the mentality they went throughput the dark side of their mind and their scandal, what was that?
3. Are any family members or friends around you are “returned prodigal sons” too? Despite not being famous or rich.
4. Do you know any other examples of celebrities that are “returned prodigal sons“ like Robert Downey Jr or Jacky Cheung? Share the story you know.
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Re: 6/11 (Tue.) Top athelets | Returned prodigal son

文章tashi » 週三 6月 12, 2019 5:08 pm


Tashi (Host), Miller, Felicia, Steven, Chris, Tim

Thanks for your interesting sharing. Toast to Felicia's Photographic Memory while she was a prodigal son!
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