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8/10 (SAT) Yes! Let’s Talk about Fuck-ups (Host: Annie)

發表於 : 週六 8月 03, 2019 10:20 pm
Annie Zhang
It seems that everywhere we look on social media, we are surrounded by endlessly successful stories, and always with exciting and positive news to share. We know,we have all experienced failure, and we all have made mistakes, but we tend to avoid talking about it. Let's getting ready to pull back the curtain on the fuck-ups and mistakes the coming Saturday!


1. Yes, you should tell everyone about your failures
https://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20170 ... r-failures

2. Don’t fail fast, fail mindfully
https://www.ted.com/talks/leticia_gasca ... ly#t-53676

3. Jeremy Lin breaks down over NBA free agency: 'it just keeps getting more rock bottom’

Session 1

1. In the article, it says countries like Japan, Germany or Mexico, aren’t used to talking about failure, they are enjoying talking about success. Do you think people focus too much on appearing to be successful in Taiwanese society? Why people tend to share the achievements, and hide the failures?

2. Why is money the most common way of judging success? How do you define success?

3. Is there a right time to give up and stop trying? Or should you never give up?

4. Talk about a time you fucked up or made the mistakes. (Don’t talk about anything that will make you uncomfortable or embarrassed.)

5. Have there been any failures that made your life better? What did you learn from mistakes?

Session 2

1. The fear of failure stops us from trying, what’s one small activity you haven’t tried because you fear failing?

2. What’s your reaction when you suffer a setback? How do you manage your struggles, especially when you have negative emotions? How to deal with them?

3. Jeremy Lin broke down in a Christian group in Taiwan, and revealed that he thought the NBA has given up on him. Can you think of any famous people who also faces struggles, or who failed spectacularly at something?

4. Jeremy Lin opened up the challenges he's been facing: "in English, there is a saying that once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. But rock bottom seems to be getting more and more rock bottom for me." If you were Jeremy Lin's friend, when your friend tell you that he/ she cannot accept big failure in their lives, what will you do?

5. Corresponding to the question 4, there is a saying: "when you hit rock bottom, the only way is up!" Do you agree or disagree? Can you think of the quotes or idioms about failure that you fully agree or you think it is a totally bullshit? 

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Re: 8/10 (SAT) Yes! Let’s Talk about Fuck-ups (Host: Annie)

發表於 : 週一 8月 05, 2019 8:48 am
Yes! Let's talk about fxxk-ups-- David's favorite pet phrase. But I wonder if we can do it as good as he does.

Re: 8/10 (SAT) Yes! Let’s Talk about Fuck-ups (Host: Annie)

發表於 : 週五 8月 09, 2019 8:39 pm
Rock 寫:Yes! Let's talk about fxxk-ups-- David's favorite pet phrase. But I wonder if we can do it as good as he does.
We can’t because the four letter word has become David’s trademark, but don't forget that we have something else that’s equally good, such as “I think that is (/they are) stupid” by Rock and “I’m cynical and skeptical” by Luis.

Re: 8/10 (SAT) Yes! Let’s Talk about Fuck-ups (Host: Annie)

發表於 : 週五 8月 09, 2019 9:55 pm
We are afraid to talk about failures because it makes us look weak and incompetent, none of which the modern societies are saluting. There is a strong tendency to believe that winners earned their success as a result of exceptional abilities, strong characters and hard work while losers are lazy, weak, or hopelessly lack talent. To what degree the luck of the draw play a role in either a success or a failure has often been underestimated. To cut the causal link between outcomes and abilities is challenging because we will be forced to admit that the world is actually a product of random forces and events and that we have very little control over it.

Re: 8/10 (SAT) Yes! Let’s Talk about Fuck-ups (Host: Annie)

發表於 : 週六 8月 10, 2019 10:04 am
Jeremy Lin’s emotional breakdown reflects his upset of not measuring up to the standard as a great or at least a long-time starring NBA player, which apparently is the bar he set for himself. There has been voices saying that Lin shouldn’t feel sad because he has been very successful. Indeed by many standards he has achieved a lot. He is the selected few who both graduated from a prestigious university like Harvard and became an NBA player, earning a fortune higher than most people in the globe. As an eight-year NBA player, Lin has outperformed those who made a splash in NCAA but ended up undrafted or short-lived in NBA. Unlike many mediocre NBA players who had a hard time being remembered for any impressive plays, Lin had his moments. Linsanity was phenomenal and is etched on the mind of many NBA fans, particularly fans of New York Knicks. Being the first Asian point guard who survived NBA not by his height, Lin has earned himself a pioneering place in the history of basketball.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not criticizing Jeremy Lin for wallowing in self-pity. Instead I feel empathetic with the struggling he is experiencing. There is a saying that goes like: Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. Well said! It encourages people to dream big and act big. What the quote doesn’t say loud is that the frustration will be extremely bitter in consequence of the sky-high bar. Lin dreamed big and thus hit the rock bottom hard. What further deepens his frustration is probably that he feels being unfairly treated in NBA all the time and doesn't get the same opportunity or respect as other players because of his Asian background.

Re: 8/10 (SAT) Yes! Let’s Talk about Fuck-ups (Host: Annie)

發表於 : 週六 8月 10, 2019 2:17 pm
I don't remember whether we've talked about failure in any Yoyo's gatherings before?
Thanks Annie to bring this topic for this Saturday's discussion.

Like most people, I'm really afraid of talking about my failure, mainly because of I'm embarrassed, probably also mixed with the feeling of guilt as the
article mentioned. However, I do feel the event "Fuck Up Night" looks so interesting to me. People shared their failure stories, the event gave them the opportunities not only to face the failure, but also learnt from re-framing failure as lessons and become stronger.

Looking forward to the meeting today. :ssmile:

Re: 8/10 (SAT) Yes! Let’s Talk about Fuck-ups (Host: Annie)

發表於 : 週日 8月 11, 2019 7:05 am
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I’m happy to announce that Jason is the official member now. Welcome to join the big family! :D