11/23 (Sat.) Is pain necessary in life? (Host: Julian)

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11/23 (Sat.) Is pain necessary in life? (Host: Julian)

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Why do we have pain? Is pain really necessary in our life?

Disagree it or not, you might heard the saying "what can not kill you make you stronger". In this coming weekend, we are going to talk about this essential instinct that most of the creatures equipped with and try to see if no pain really brings no gain. The discussion will be divided into two parts. In first session, the focus will be on the dis-comfortable feeling over human body, i.e. physical pain. Session II is to explore further into the realm of untouchable feeling, the unpleasant sensory and mental suffering causing by brain.

Session I.
Physical pain:

Link: https://www.ted.com/talks/joshua_w_pate ... n#t-119833

Link: https://www.ted.com/talks/karen_d_davis ... nd_to_pain

Suggested questions:
1.Human species are tangled with different kind of pains, some really intense but short lasting yet some seemed never go away. Have you ever experienced a great physical pain? Please share your or your friend's story at your convenience.
2.Is it possible that the alerts relates to human body can be nice and easy? Does it imply that we can't aware threats with soft messages?
3.If you can turn off all the physical distress, would you do that? This could mean giving away all the alerts from your body for good.
4.What do you think about the design of physical pains from the mother nature? Is there any better way that can engineer our lives without suffering?
5.Do you think those pains bring any value rather than just a warning?

Session II
Mental suffering/Emotional pain:

https://medium.com/the-ascent/why-pain- ... a7ec436ff4

Suggested questions:
1.Asides from feeling negative, what is the contribution of mental struggling?
2.Should we eliminate all the dis-comfortable sensations?
3.In an old movie, one of the plots describing by cutting out part of the brain that made the patients worry free and felt no pain, it also means lost the function of detecting negative feeling. Do you think this kind of method is viable? why not?
4."Pain is the currency of our values. Without the pain of loss (or potential loss), it becomes impossible to determine the value of anything at all." Do you agree with this saying? Please share your reason.
5.Are pain and suffering necessary if you want to feel happy? or for growth?

Quotes about the topic:
“The pursuit of happiness is a toxic value that has long defined our culture. It is self-defeating and misleading. Living well does not mean avoiding suffering; it means suffering for the right reasons. Because if we’re going to be forced to suffer by simply existing, we might as well learn how to suffer well.” — Mark Manson
“Nobody is fully happy all the time, but similarly, nobody is fully unhappy all the time, either. It seems that humans, regardless of our external circumstances, live in a constant state of mild-but-not-fully-satisfying happiness. Put another way, things are pretty much always fine, but they could also always be better.” — Mark Manson
“We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how we respond to them.”- Epictetus
“And indeed he who pursues pleasure as good, and avoids pain as evil, is guilty of impiety.” — Marcus Aurelius