11/30(Sat.) When to settle down?/ How to flirt? (Holly Wang)

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11/30(Sat.) When to settle down?/ How to flirt? (Holly Wang)

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Hi everyone! I was browsing the TED Talks and found the video called "The mathematics of love". Well, it couldn't hurt to know more about love 8) .

Please watch this video for more insightful discussions
Hannah Fry|TEDxBinghamtonUniversity|The mathematics of love
https://www.ted.com/talks/hannah_fry_th ... t#t-360106
Ms. Fry believes that mathematics is so powerful that it has the potential to offer us a new way of looking at almost anything. Therefore she takes mathematics to the new level-She has been trying to use mathematics to reveal the mysterious veil of love. She then gives us her top three mathematically verifiable tips for love.. They are:
:arrow: How to win at online dating.
:arrow: How to pick the perfect partner
:arrow: How to avoid divorce

1. In the video, Ms. Fry mentioned: how attractive you are dose not mean how popular you are. Do you have any examples to support or against this statement?
2. For how to pick the perfect partner, she introduces us to a strategy called "Optimal Stopping Strategy". Have you ever heard this before? Do you have any related experiences?
3. Are you willing to wait for the best and to take the risk to never meet an ideal life partner or you would settle down when think it's time?

Jean Smith|TEDxLSHTM|The Science of Flirting: Being a H.O.T.A.P.E.

For the next session, we will hopefully know more about filtering!
1. Take a guess of what H.O.T. A.P.E. stands for before you watching this talk, it's common than you expected 8). Which one is the most difficult one for you? What about the easiest one.
2. Ms. Smith mentions that touching is also a to-do item of flirting. What do you think of touching others in a flirty but not offended way? If someone is clearly flirting on you and make some physical contact, are you OK with it?
3. Have you ever flirt or been flirted (not necessarily to be H.O.T. A.P.E. but in your way) and then developed into a serious relationship or a fling or just stay in the friend zone?
4. People flirt would vary greatly across the world. Generally speaking, how do Taiwanese view flirting? how do we tend to react?
Read More: https://www.thelist.com/164687/how-peop ... paign=clip

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Re: 11/30(Sat.) When to settle down?/ How to flirt? (Holly W

文章 Luis Ko »

well, it couldn't hurt to know more about love, but still, you might regret what you have done or, not done, to the one when you know more about it. that might not really hurt, but sad sometimes.. :lol:
i might be a cynic and, a sceptic as well but, i'm definitely not a bad person!!
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Re: 11/30(Sat.) When to settle down?/ How to flirt? (Holly W

文章 Michael-liu »

Let me take some wild guesses before I watch the video:

(I swear to God I have not watched it!)

H: hot? hit? hold? happy? high? hilarious?
O: offend? offer? observe?
T: tease? touch? timing? target?
A: approach? allure? admire?
P: please? pleasant? patient? people? pleasure?
E: ease? expect? evaluate? efficient? ending?
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Re: 11/30(Sat.) When to settle down?/ How to flirt? (Holly W

文章 Kooper »

With its simplicity and promise of best outcomes, the optimal stopping theory looks very appealing to apply. The devil however is in the details. As an engineer, allow me to challenge the seemingly fail-safe mate choice strategy.

First of all we don’t have the luxury of knowing ahead of time total number of dates we will have in life if staying single. A quick and simple alternative, which the speaker Hannah Fry also adopted, is to set the 37% magic point based on time rather than quantity. The underlying assumption is that there is equal dating opportunities at any given age during this predefined mating period. That unfortunately isn’t true from our own experiences - we don't need to pick any experts' brains to learn that.

Bear in mind that the goal of the theory is to maximize the chances of best pick. That means the results could be either ecstatically satisfying or miserably disappointing, while statistically the approach reaches the highest success rate. A person in a video clip did an experiment following the optimal stopping theory (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OxT35E2Yss). Out of three runs he made two quasi-optimal mate choices but ended up dying alone in the remaining run. We unfortunately only have one shot in a life. The stakes are high, no doubt. It is worthy also considering whether we can live with the worst outcome when deciding mating strategy.

If you aren’t the type of person gambling big but instead looking for less variable outcomes from run to run, chances are high that you need to find another mathematician, not Hannah Fry.