1/18 (Sat.)Andrew Yang:Never be afraid of standing out.

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1/18 (Sat.)Andrew Yang:Never be afraid of standing out.

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Whats up YOYOers! Since everyone is talking about election right now and also members in the line group wanted me to do so.Let's discuss Andrew Yang this week! Who is Andrew Yang? A Taiwanese-American who is the 2020 presidential candidate of Democratic Party in US. I am a member of "Yang Gang"(nickname of Andrew's Supporter). Story began 4 month ago,I saw his interview on CNN. He did draw my attention. After that I digged into more of his interviews and speeches. Then I understand this guy really has ideas and knows how to convince people. It would be a shame for you guys not knowing this awesome Yang!

This week we are gonna watch two videos.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNSGMDu58Ok&t=339s (Andrew Yang 6th Democratic Debate Full Highlights | Every Word He Said)
-TBH,he is the one takes in charge in debate. He really knows how to do public speech,dang it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xlfTVUqSRY&t=597s (Andrew and his wife Evelyn on the TV program:The View)
-In this video you would get hands on how attractive Andrew is.

Questions in 1st session:

1.Andrew's most famous policy:Freedom Dividend. Which is give 1000USD to adult American every month. What do you think about this policy?
2.Andrew claims Amazon closed many retail stores in US but paying zero in Taxes. Actually lots of technology companies in US knows how to avoid paying tax. That is what he wants to change. He wants those money(Taxes which those technology companies are supposed to pay) back to people and it is also the source of Freedom Dividend. Do you think it is gonna work?
3.Freedom dividend is basically the conception of Universal Basic Income. We are living in a world which is manupilated by abusive Capitalism now. 10% or even less of people owns 90% of the wealth. Would this conception help income inequailty less severe?

Questions in 2nd session:

4.When you are seeing a speech,what really draws your attention? Is WHAT speaker says or HOW speaker says it?
5.Based on Andrew Yang's body language during interview or speech,what judgement would you make on him?
6.What makes people a great speaker?
7.Andrew Yang's campaign slogan:Humanity First. Do you think that is the world needs the most nowadays?

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6:00 ~ 6:20pm Summarization (20 mins)
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Re: 1/18 (Sat.)Andrew Yang:Never be afraid of standing out.

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It’s hard not to like Yang’s straightforwardness and his status as a nonpolitician. His signature campaign pledges, like universal basic income, a solution to wealth inequality, future AI technology impacts; thorium energy, a possible replacement for nuclear powers and solution to climate changes, and many more about data era strategies.

Yang is one of the very few Asian Americans who are humorous and fun to watch in the public speeches/presentation. We love to see his straight talks on TV talk shows and many interviews, even though he is new to politics, and his solutions are very ideal and may not be feasible currently, he is keen to see the issues and blunt to offer his ideas. The only issue may be some of them are too ahead of its time, too far-fetched for most of Americans, even among Democrats, not to mention the Trump like-minded people.

I enjoyed watching Yang's genuine talks and passionate ideas on real issues. He will have more hands-on experience after this election, I think, and after that, he should be able to shape up his solutions to more concrete and executable policies, by then, he surely will be a very strong contestant.