2/11(Tue)Cognitive Bias: I think, therefore I'm biased?(Kat)

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2/11(Tue)Cognitive Bias: I think, therefore I'm biased?(Kat)

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Dear friends,

It often seems like we're constantly dealing with one crisis after another—on the personal front as well as in our civic engagement. But as we take action, just how much of our perception and understanding of the issues at hand is based on facts and critical thinking, and how much is skewed by our cognitive biases? Let's explore! And we'll make it even more fun with games and various discussion formats.


Cognitive biases. The funny irony of "thinking we know when we actually don't." All the subjective and irrational constructs of our own reality that shape our everyday decision making. Now can we think more clearly knowing all the possible pitfalls? Let's try! :lol:

▶ We'll explore some of the ideas from the links below for part of our discussion. The views expressed are solely those of the respective authors:

1. 12 Cognitive Biases Explained - How to Think Better and More Logically Removing Bias (Practical Psychology / 10 mins)

1. Anchoring Bias
2. Availability Bias
3. Bandwagon Effect
4. Choice Supportive Bias
5. Confirmation Bias
6. Ostrich Bias
7. Overconfidence
8. Placebo Effect
9. Survivorship Bias
10. Selective Perception
11. Blindspot Bias

2. 12 Common Biases That Affect How We Make Everyday Decisions (Psychology Today)
https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog ... -decisions

12. The Dunning-Kruger Effect
13. Self-Serving Bias
14. The Curse of Knowledge and Hindsight Bias
15. Optimism/Pessimism Bias
16. The Sunk Cost Fallacy
17. Negativity Bias
18. The Decline Bias (a.k.a. Declinism)
19. The Backfire Effect
20. The Fundamental Attribution Error
21. In-Group Bias
22. The Forer Effect (a.k.a. The Barnum Effect)
23. Halo effect
24. Just world phenomenon

3. How brain biases prevent climate action (BBC)
https://www.bbc.com/future/article/2019 ... ate-change

To prepare:
Share one example that you (might have) thought or acted as a result of one of the biases.

Let’s have some fun with our own potential folly! :mrgreen:



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Re: 2/11(Tue)Cognitive Bias: I think, therefore I'm biased?(

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Since there are so many different types of bias a person may have, can we make a conclusion that there is nobody in this world who is not biased?

I think we can. Agree or not? ^.^