3/17(Tue.) What “old person” things do you do? (Host: Tom)

Tom Lee
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3/17(Tue.) What “old person” things do you do? (Host: Tom)

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Hello Yoyos,

The topic are open questions for you. You don't have to prepare anything, just come here to talk whatever you want.

I really don't want to admit that I am over 25 years old. But the truth is that I am getting old.
I am starting to doing "older person" things such as getting up early, going to park to practice Taiji...

And what "older person" things do you start to do? Let's share in our meeting.

(I’m actually an old lady in a twenty year old’s body.)

Session I:

Here are some answers for your reference.

* I think the music kids nowadays listen to is crappy because it is.
* I eat the same thing, yogurt - every morning.
* I like to do the same thing everyday and I have my little routines.
* I prefer paper documents than digital, such as books.
* I think anyone who can fix my iPhone or computer is a genius because I can’t.
* I forget everyone’s name.
* I like to save sentimental things.
* I prefer baths over showers....

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What “old person” things do you do?
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Q1: How do you know that you are "over 25"?
Q2: What “old person” things do you do?
Q3: What would you like to do if you could live until 150?
Q4: Till what age do you think it's enough for your life?

Session II:

As an “older person” what "younger person" things do you do?

Here are some answers for your reference.

* taste in music—very eclectic but focusing on pop, techno and 90’s groups
* Like and play video games!
* I got my first tattoo at age 60.
* I got my ear pierced at age 62.
* I drive a Subaru WRX.
* I still do most of the mechanical work on my boat and old truck; even though I have to take a handful of Advil after.

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https://www.quora.com/As-an-older-perso ... -do-you-do

Q1: (As an "older person"), what "younger person" things do you do?
Q2: What things do you think only young person can do?
Q3: What things do you think it's better not have done at your early age?

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Re: 3/17(Tue.) What “old person” things do you do? (Host: To

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I am moved to tear while reading below posting as SARS , that year I attended YoYo for English reinforcement. :wink:

為這天準備17年!疾管署員工曝心聲:怕台灣再被世界拋棄 | 武漢 …


Knowledge is power from Taiwan CDC to individual suitably. This year is the 20th of YoYo , we in universe meet COVID-19.

Remind me learn more letting me stronger under this crisis. :oops:

PS. I might not join this meeting, dare not to face "old" word ! :mrgreen:
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