5/5(Tue.) Coronavirus: Privacy vs. Security Dilemma (Host: Sherry)

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5/5(Tue.) Coronavirus: Privacy vs. Security Dilemma (Host: Sherry)

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Session I

Coronavirus privacy: Are South Korea's alerts too revealing?

Questions for Discussion:
1. Do you think South Korea's alerts were too revealing? Would you accept the measure if it was taken in Taiwan?

2. According to the article, a research team at Seoul National University's Graduate School of Public Health asked 1,000 Koreans which scares them the most:
a. Potential carriers around them
b. Criticisms and further damage they may suffer from being infected
c. That they may not have symptoms yet have the virus
For you, which is your answer? Why?

Q3. If you were a leader of religion like Shincheonji Church, which was labeled as a cult, would you reveal detailed information of your church, such as locations and members’ personal information, to the government, even if the members would be persecuted or face criticism?

Q4. The Korean government was criticized for withholding information during the Mers outbreak in 2015, do you think it could happen in Taiwan? To what extent should the information be revealed to the public for them to protect themselves and others?

Session II

Coronavirus: Privacy in a pandemic

Coronavirus apps: how Australia's Covidsafe compares to other countries' contact tracing technology
https://www.theguardian.com/australia-n ... technology

Questions for Discussion:
Q1: What is your opinion on the covid-19 contact tracing apps? Do you believe they can be useful in slowing the spread of coronavirus?

Q2: According to the second article, China’s app is most strict (but seems most effective) while the decentralized model in the US and Europe seems much looser. Which app is most acceptable to you?

Q3. Would you install a contact-tracing app if one is released by Taiwan government? In your opinion, what percentage of the population would install the app in Taiwan? Should the app be mandatory?

Q4. Do you agree that governments are entitled to use facial recognition and/or phone data collection to protect citizens? If you have to choose between lockdown and privacy intrusion, would you trade the right to privacy for the right to leave your home and return to work? For you, which is the lesser of two evils?

Q5. Do you believe current technology can build proximity-tracing while preserving privacy completely? Will the governments and/or corporations collect our personal data? Will the measures taken by governments be retained or expanded after the pandemic is controlled?

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Important Notes:
1. Participants are recommended to print out the questions for the discussion. Also the supporting articles, if preferred not to access them via own mobile phone.
2. Please read the articles and discussion questions provided by the host and write down your thoughts in English in advance.

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