6/23 (Tue.) What Electronic Gadget Do You Have? (Host: Gavin)

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6/23 (Tue.) What Electronic Gadget Do You Have? (Host: Gavin)

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6/23 (Tue.) What Electronic Gadget Do You Have?

Hi, everyone:

Firstly I would like to share why I just bought two electronic gadgets.

I started reading English books a season ago. Printed books were heavy and too big; furthermore, there were very few bookstores in Taiwan that sold English books. This was why I have just ordered a Kindle Oassis, meaning to make my English-reading life easier. Kindle Oasis is very light and thin, with many features that can make your reading more convenient. For the details about Kindle Oassis, please watch this Youtube Video: 2.Trio
I always use an extended screen in my office. With extended screens, I work much more efficiently because:
a.I can refer to a diagram/drawing/reference email, while typing an email reply without changing windows frequently.
b. It’s often someone may come to talk to you for urgent things; I have been meaning to buy another extended screen so that I can use it to discuss things that suddenly come up (without turning off the two windows I have been working on.)
In addition, as a PM, very often I go to different locations to work. However, traditional screens can’t be carried out easily. During business trips, I don’t have any extended screens to go with my laptop computer.
Therefore, this Trio product looks like the perfect solution to my inconvenience. Trio can be the two extended screens to my laptop computer; and, Trio is very convenient to carry during business trips. Please refer to this video to see the introduction about Trio: OK, I have shared my recent experience of getting electronic gadgets. Now it’s your turn to share your stories.

Session 1: you experience of using electronic gadgets

A.Have you ever considered buying Kindle or Trio? Please share why or why not.

B. Please share your stories of using electronic gadgets

C. There are many creative electronic gadgets available (EX. E-paper, language interpreter, portable printer, noise-cancelling headphone, iWatch, etc...). Is there any one that may come in handy for your life?


Session 2: deeper discussion

D. In the era of information explosion, some people start to promote minimalism. In your opinion, without having a lot of gadgets, are minimalists happier / more productive than gadget users?

E. Would using many gadgets make people lose the focus on original intention? (for example, some restaurants develop e-ordering system, or auto-dish-conveyor; would you think the taste in modern restaurants better than that in traditional restaurants?)

F. Cell phones are probably the most widely used type of gadget in the world. Introduce some APP that you recently find useful. On the other hand, how can you avoid wasting too much time on cell phones?

6:45 ~ 7:00pm Greetings & Free Talk / Ordering Beverage or Meal / Getting Newcomer’s Information
7:00 ~ 7:10pm Opening Remarks / Newcomer’s Self-introduction / Grouping
(Session I)
7:10 ~ 7:50pm Discussion Session (40 mins)
7:50 ~ 8:10pm Summarization (20 mins)
8:10 ~ 8:15pm Regrouping / Instruction Giving / Taking a 10 Minutes Break (Intermission)
(Session II)
8:15 ~ 8:55pm Discussion Session (40 mins)
9:00 ~ 9:20pm Summarization (20 mins)
9:20 ~ 9:30pm Concluding Remarks / Announcements

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Important Notes:
1. We advise participants to print out the discussion questions and bring them to the meeting for reference. As for the supporting articles, feel free to print them out, as well, according to your preference.
2. We suggest that participants read the articles and think about the questions in advance.
3. Newcomers should prepare a two-to-three minute self-introduction in English to deliver when called upon by the host before the start of the discussion. The host may also ask you to give brief feedback about the meeting at the conclusion of the meeting.
4. We conduct the entire meeting in English. All participants should have at least moderate English-conversation skills and be able to articulate your ideas for each discussion question.
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