9/1 (Tue) Changing your story (Host: Holly)

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Re: 9/1 (Tue) Changing your story (Host: Holly)

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週二 9月 01, 2020 8:27 am
[Notes: I feel so sorry for not catching up earlier. Life sucks! Too busy to be well-prepared and in-sync with the rich discussion in this thread. Wish I can change my obligations wisely to shape up my life!) ]

YoYo loves self-reflection topics and questions but self-disclosure or revealing personal emotions may be a tough row to hoe. It is easier to talk over a generic scenario or discuss someone else’s stories. :wink:

Here comes one. We all have “competitors” or we believe someone belittles us in certain fields. When a relevant stage is set, you’ve worked so hard to perform, but you still fail. At that moment, you could not help feeling down. All the images in your head are how your fall from grace satisfies your competitors. You are so upset because your failure is only to prove to those who disparage you that they are right about you! All these mind-blogging scenes play in your head again and again and you cannot simply get over it.

As a bystander, it is so easy to point out the issue: He who chooses to be trapped in the bad story will only be overrun with sorrow. Changing the “illusion” playing in your head and remaking the story to include all of those who are fond of you and support you will totally change the theme!

But challenges remain. When the failure is in a critical point and you are facing a decision of whether to continue a path, then what kind of different story you are going to make lies on your wisdom. I do find out one of my issues at the crux of the matter was that I tried to make a new story to wipe out the old sad story; I wishfully think the new story will be more splendid without any base. That is definitely dangerous, because even if history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.
Thank you Iris! I do agree we will be more comfortable if we share the stroire we've heard rather than our own story :wink: