11/7 (Sat) Let's imagine life during lockdown. (Host:Debby)

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11/7 (Sat) Let's imagine life during lockdown. (Host:Debby)

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Many countries around the world are hitting new highs in coronavirus cases. Taiwan looks like a parallel universe and just reached the new landmark — 200 days without a locally transmitted case. Per Unctad research, we are the few trading economies (China, Taiwan and Vietnam) whose exports have recovered strongly in 2020 Q3. Let's imagine life during lockdown happening to the rest of the world in 2020!

Session one
A. Article - How To Separate Your Week From Your Weekend During Lockdown https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/ ... fbdf48f91b

B. Hashtag on Twitter- #DressUpFriday. (mention in question)
-> Take a look the latest or creative idea
https://twitter.com/hashtag/DressUpFrid ... htag_click

->You can just see the map (as below) or table
https://www.zippia.com/advice/what-each ... uarantine/

D. Additional idea- Date with next roof girl
https://www.insider.com/guy-asked-out-g ... ine-2020-3
-> Follow Instagram account @jermcohen to update the stories

1. If you're in long-term quarantine, what would you like to do or try? If you have watched #DressUpFriday hashtag on Twitter, share some interesting posts.
2. Take a look at the interesting thing each US states google in quarantine. It's quite different and funny. Share some findings that surprise you. What makes it so different across the states?
3. When people are restricted in a place for a long time, they may feel blue or gloomy. How will you get over the depression or low mood in this kind of situation?
4. How you have a date during quarantine? You can refer to Cohen's idea- date with next roof girl.


Session two
Being in current covid-19 situation, people are forced to stay in the same space day-in, day-out. A holiday should be about relaxing, discovering new things and making memories. Why should people still take lockdown leave, even though they can’t go anywhere?

Optional rource -article
How To Make The Most Of Your Annual Leave

1. How do you usually plan your precious annual leave?
2. Holiday is a time to relax, recharge, or refresh.  Will you feel recharged when you get along with your electronic device (net surfing/ video watching) or put it away to do other things (exercising/ close to nature/ handmaking)?
3. If the annual leave can be exchanged for cash, what will you choose? Which is more worthwhile for you?
4. Do you have any holiday rituals that make holidays different from workdays?

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Re: 11/7 (Sat) Let's imagine life during lockdown. (Host:Debby)

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While the COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the world, we Taiwanese are lucky enough to dodge luckdown by the skin of our teeth; on the flip side, we arguably might have missed a potentially once-in-a-life-time opportunity to explore the possibility of leading a new life. Life during lockdown is imagined to be less pleasant and inconvenient given the multiple constraints it imposes on people. The constraints, surprisingly, could sometimes become a rich source of creativity, inspiration, or motivation.

Humans are gregarious animals; like it or not, we cannot live happily without enough social interactions. I happened to listen to an interview with the stand-up comedian Hello (賀瓏) the other night. Once in a YouTube live streaming program, he quarantined himself for 100 days. Being a person who loves solitude and enjoys staying home for consecutive days, Hello dismissed it as a breeze before the program started. He turned out to start struggling just after two weeks of self-isolation. On the 80th day, he became so depressed that even a therapist was called to talk to him.

Here is the spoiler: Hello did pull through and made it to the 100th day, but I believe it's something he will never wanna experience again.
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文章: 2631
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Re: 11/7 (Sat) Let's imagine life during lockdown. (Host:Debby)

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