11/28(Sat)How to Make Hard Choices (Host:Kooper)

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11/28(Sat)How to Make Hard Choices (Host:Kooper)

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Dear all,

Recently I've been facing some hard choices so I decided to revisit an old 2016 topic - how to make hard choices. This TED talk has long been one of my favorites. Hopefully, it will serve you as well as the way it inspired me.

1. TED talk: How to make hard choices

2. (Optional)Article: The Right Way to Make a Hard Choice .

Questions for Discussion
1. What's the speaker's definition of hard and easy choices? Are hard choices always big according to the speaker? Could you give examples of small but tough choices? Did you experience hard choices that doesn't fit her definition? What is your own definition of tough decisions?

2. The philosopher mentioned several myths in making hard choices. What are they and how did she reason to debunk these myths? Do you buy her reasoning?

3. What advice did the speaker make when it comes to making hard choices? According to her, what option do people usually choose in tough decisions?
Do you agree with her theory and suggestion?

4. Have you made or seen any hard choices that follow the philosopher's prescription? Did those decisions make you become the kind of person you were pursuing, as the philosopher suggested?

5. There are many decision making theories raised by management experts in private sector and academia. Even TED has multiple speeches on decision making (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_ ... rd+choices). A simple google search also brings us countless advice on how to make tough decisions. Please pick one of the theories and share with us.

6. Please select one and explain meanings of the following expressions and make some sentences using them.
- If something leaves somebody cold (0:35)
- If a decision is momentous (0:46)
- If you wring your hands (0:50)
- If you gnash your teeth (0:50)
- Occasions when you uproot, uproot your family, or uproot your life (1:32)
- How does the speaker describe the idea in English that 兩個選擇整體來看並沒有任何一個勝出?
- An intractable choice, problem is...? (2:05)
- We unwittingly assume that ... (7:36)
- A is akin to B (7:36)
- If the alternatives are on a par (9:26)
- to enslave somebody (10:33)