5/25 (Tue.) Taiwan to be Bilingual in 2030 (Host: Rock)

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5/25 (Tue.) Taiwan to be Bilingual in 2030 (Host: Rock)

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Session One
Taiwan to be Bilingual in 2030

Hi, guys, this is an online meeting. We will have another host who is much better than me, as Jerry promised. So please join us if you like it lo.

https://www.ndc.gov.tw/en/Content_List. ... 569A87A91C
The major two objectives of the Blueprint are to "elevating national competitiveness" and "cultivating people’s English proficiency". There are several individual strategies proposed by relevant competent ministries, including

1. Promoting a bilingual education system,
2. Promoting the establishment of all English TV channels,
3. Encouraging the Taiwan Broadcasting System to produce and broadcast English programs,
4. Increasing English programs of broadcasting radio stations,
5. Cultivating a friendly bilingual tourism environment,
6. Bilingualizing government procurement documents,
7. Providing English digest of indictments for significant cases and relevant to foreigners or foreign enterprises,
8. Suggesting the Judicial Yuan to provide English digest for significant judgments,
9. Creating a bilingual friendly investment environment for science parks and industrial parks,
10. Encouraging enterprises to enhance their English capabilities,
11. Enhancing English proficiency of labor force, and etc. (Note: this is from the original text of the English website of NDC, but there is a grammar error. :lol: )

And there are also common strategies, including
12. Promoting all bilingual websites of central government agencies,
13. Bilingualizing foreigner-related official documents and laws/regulations,
14. Bilingualizing front-line services at public service venues,
15. Implementing bilingual government information, promoting bilingual services at cultural and educational facilities and venues,
16. Cultivating English proficiency of government officials,
17. Bilingualizing the examination and certification of National Skill Test, etc.

We hope to trigger supply with demand, capitalize on private resources, and create maximum benefit with minimum cost in order to realize the vision of a bilingual nation by 2030.

Extensive reading:
https://ketagalanmedia.com/2020/01/22/e ... %20Taiwan.
https://www.taipeitimes.com/News/feat/a ... 2003748255
https://www.taipeitimes.com/News/editor ... 2003747602
https://topics.amcham.com.tw/2021/03/ai ... al-nation/
https://english.cw.com.tw/article/artic ... on?id=2907

Vision time: It's January 1st, 2030. Taiwan did it. Now we are a bilingual country. Please tell us what you see that we are different from 2021.
1. What are the pros and cons for a bilingual country? Do you want Taiwan to be bilingual?
2. What should the government do to achieve this goal? Is it easy to achieve this goal? What problems do you see in it?
3. There are more and more bilingual schools in Taiwan now. How are they different from common schools? Do you want your kids to go to a bilingual school?

Session Two
Development of National Languages Act

The major points of the Act include:

1. Requiring the government to convene regular meetings on the development of national languages;
2. Prioritizing the promotion of efforts to revitalize and pass on threatened national languages;
3. Establishing a mechanism for the surveying of national languages, along with creating databases for research and preservation;
4. Protecting opportunities for pre-school learning of national languages;
5. Planning basic courses and educational resources for the learning of national languages at all levels of K-12 education;
6. Protecting communication rights for national languages;
7. Setting out regulations pertaining to grants and awards for the promotion of national languages.

https://www.moc.gov.tw/en/information_1 ... %20threat.
https://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan ... 2003750617
中文 (正方)https://www.pourquoi.tw/2020/05/13/taiw ... 00513-001/
中文 (反方)https://www.npf.org.tw/1/20035

Vision Time (again): It's some time in the future. Taiwan did it, again. Now our citizens prefer their own national languages and use them more often. What are the things that are different from 2021?
4. What are the national languages in Taiwan? Why does the government want to develop the national languages?
5. Starting from 2021, the compulsory education in Taiwan requires students to take a course of a national language of their choice. Do you support this policy? Why or why not?
6. The Development of National Languages Act stipulates that when citizens participate in administrative, legislative, and judicial procedures, they can freely choose to use their national language, and government agencies or institutions should provide interpretation services when necessary. Is this feasible?


18:30 ~ 19:00 Zoom App testing and setup / Free talk
19:00 ~ 19:10 Opening Remarks / Newcomer’s self-introduction / Grouping
(Session I)
19:10 ~ 20:10 Discussion and activities
20:10 ~ 20:15 Regrouping / Break
(Session II)
20:15 ~ 21:15 Discussion and activities
21:15 ~ 21:30 Concluding remarks / Announcements

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Please download, install and test the Zoom App BEFORE the meeting. If you're using for the first time, or having trouble during the testing, please come into the meeting 30 minutes before the meeting time for assistance.
➤ You can choose to turn on your camera or only the audio for the meeting.
➤ To download Zoom:

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文章: 2008
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Re: 5/25 (Tue.) Taiwan to be Bilingual in 2030 (Host: Rock)

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We have a meeting on 5/25 (Tue.) Come and defend your belief. :lol:
In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.