(ONLINE) 6/1 (Tue.) Does lockdown change your personality? (Host: Holly)

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(ONLINE) 6/1 (Tue.) Does lockdown change your personality? (Host: Holly)

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Hi yoyo members! I was planning to have a topic that non-COVID 19, since I reckon we all had enough of it. But one day when I was playing on my phone, this article showed up. I found it quite interesting and not difficult to read. :arrow: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/2020 ... ersonality

This meeting will take place online, hope you can all join!
➤ If you don't have Zoom:
Please download, install and test the Zoom App BEFORE the meeting. If you're using it for the first time or having trouble during the testing, please come into the meeting 30 minutes before the meeting time for assistance.
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➤ To download Zoom: https://zoom.us/download
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Session I
1. How's quarantine treating you so far? Do you have any specific ways to deal with loneliness or craziness?
2. The many months of changes to our routines may have led to changes in our behavior that will stick long after the pandemic has finished. It “may lead to new norms, which may over time also shape our personalities,” says Wiebke Bleidorn at the Personality Change Laboratory at the University of California, Davis. What do you think about this hypothesis? Please describe your personalities to your member and is there any personality/trait changes in you due to quarantine?
3. Do you agree that this period is a perfect time to reflect on life which leads to increases in ‘self-concept clarity"?

Session II
1. In the article, it says introverts may encounter more challenges than extroverts since pandemic may make "re-entry" difficult. What's your opinion on this?
2. This is my first time hear the word "The Michelangelo Effect”(米開朗基羅效應). Have you heard this before and what do you think about it? Great if you have examples!
3. What are the top three things you want to do after quarantine and pandemic is well controlled?
For example, my top three things look like:
(1)getting my yearly body examination done (2)having my best friends come over to my house and have a girl's night (3)attending some workshops which I really love.

Stay safe everyone! :ssmile:

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8:00 ~ 8:40pm Discussion Session (30 mins)
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