(On Line) 6/26(Sat) Is our perception of beauty influenced by media?(H: Wendy)

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(On Line) 6/26(Sat) Is our perception of beauty influenced by media?(H: Wendy)

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Session 1
Is our perception of beauty decided by the media?

Regarding the definition of beauty, there are two major opposite opinions. Some people say that everyone has different taste. Other people believe that everyone’s idea toward beauty is very similar, and they think that fashion has a great influence.

My husband and I just had an argument about it. He thinks there is a clear definition of beauty. However, I think everybody's idea of beauty comes from media or the definition of the era. I personally think that even though people’s standards for beauty are not 100% similar, there will always be similarities. For example, everyone thinks that thin people are more beautiful. Even when people think somebody who is fat is very attractive, people may say he or she is attractive but they still won't say that he or she is beautiful.

I remember when my kid(晴晴) was little, her definition of beauty was decided by how nice the person is, and I remember that at that time she thought white people look strange and not beautiful at all, although she already think that black people look scarier. At that time she thought our people(yellow skin) are the most beautiful race in the world. And whenever she say any girl is beautiful, the girl is not beautiful because of having good looking or good body shape but because she has a good heart and being very nice to her. However, now she is almost seven years old and already watched a lot of TV. I found she has a totally different idea of beauty toward people, not only about race, but also about fat or thin, and 5 senses. I found she has an almost the same sense of beauty just like a normal adult does. When I asked her our people and white people, who is more beautiful? At first she said the same. But when I asked her which one is more beautiful if you have to decide. She said white people are more beautiful and she doesn't know why she thinks so.

BTW, my daughter has a very strange definition toward fat and thin. She likes me more than my husband. Although Michael is thinner than me, to my astonishment, she will say I am thin and Michael is fat. I think she regard fat as a negative word more than its original meaning.

This finding makes me rethink if people really have their own thinking of beauty, or they are just affected by the social media or fashion. Therefore, I found some related materials to discuss with you guys.


1/越肥越有人愛!這村莊140KG村花 狂吸一卡車男追求

https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%A4%A9 ... B%E5%8B%95
Regarding this reference~Now if a woman has big breast, she is beautiful. However, it's hard to believe that people will think having small breast is beautiful, however, just about 100 years ago, at the early year of republic of China, people thought that having small breast is beautiful. Even, contemporary literati at that time needed to promote the movement of liberating the breast, so that everyone no longer only felt that flat breasts were beautiful, and use unhealthy breast binding.

3/How does media influence our perception of beauty?
https://www.mvorganizing.org/how-does-m ... of-beauty/

4/Social Media and Its Effects on Beauty
https://www.intechopen.com/books/beauty ... -on-beauty

Questions for Sessions 1:

1/ What is your perception of beauty toward 5 senses on the face? With big eyes? With tall nose? With cherry mouth? Do you think your idea of beauty is decided by your own eyes? Or do you think the media's definition more or less affects your thinking of sense of beauty?

2/ Do you think white people are more beautiful and black people are not? Do you think it is because of the media or not?

3/ Do you think thin people are more beautiful? If we were in Tang Dynasty, do you think you might believe that the fatter the more beautiful?

4/ Do you think that the flat breast movement is recognized by everyone because it is the contemporary trend? Imagine if you are also a person at that time, would you also agree that flat breast is the most beautiful look?

5/ After all the discussion, try to finalize for your table if beauty has a contemporary standard and will change time by time or everyone has his/her own thinking? Or there is the third answer?

Session 2
Do you agree to lower the level of your standard for choosing the other half will make you be successful to get married?

There is such a picture in Japan that says that handsome guys are always destinated to be with beautiful women, ordinary women with ordinary men, handsome guys and ordinary women are friends with benefits, ordinary men and ugly women are friends with benefits, and ugly men have no women at all. Of course this is just a joke, but doesn’t it mean that people who are the same level will get married always? And there was a boy who said on the Internet that everyone can find the other half, but they all overestimated their attractiveness, in fact their conditions are not so good. Therefore, if everyone date with someone who is uglier than him/her, that is, if both men and women can drop their standard toward the other half, they can really find the other half. Do you agree?



Questions for session 2:

1/ Do you agree with the picture of the relationship between men and women?

2/ Do you agree that everyone can find the other half, but the standard is too high, and as long as you date with people who are uglier than you, everyone can find the other half?

3/ Do you think your ideal the other half that you desire will be higher or lower than your level or about the same?

4/Based on this theory, are you willing to lower your ideal standard for the other half to be lower than yourself in order to find the other half? What are the reasons for being willing and unwilling?

5/Do you agree with this theory? Do you think most people's ideal the other half is really too hard to get? What do you think is the reason?

6/Do you agree that people are only willing to have better-looking boy/girl friend because of face issues?

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