Thoughts on the matter of Comedian Ni's Suicide (5/14)-SAT.

Thoughts on the matter of Comedian Ni's Suicide (5/14)-SAT.

文章Yubor » 週一 5月 09, 2005 5:46 pm

Hi Guys,
This is Yubor. It's my turn to be the host again. Recently there are a lot of suicide cases in Taiwan. Few month ago, a beautiful model called 徐子婷 end up in jumping from the top of a building, so did Famous HK star, 張國榮. The comedian 倪敏然 also hanged himself in these few days.
I'd like to discuss the frustration and recovery this Saturday.
Below links are for your reference.
1. ... 2163&GRP=B
2. ... 2003252941

Quesions List:
Session A:
1. Talk about the events or experiences which frustrate you deeply in the past. Have you ever thought of suicide due to a certain reason? What's the reason?

2. How did you recover from the frustration, bad mood or bipolar disorder ? Share some tips to all of us how you make yourself happy.

Session B:
3. If something frustrates you so deeply and you have no choice but to commit suicide, which way will you choose?

4. Have you ever been betrayed by your ex-gf or ex-bf and thought of suicide 'cause she/he had another bf/gf simultaneously? (Or you are the one who have two at the same time? :P) How do you convince yourself not to feel sad or heartbroken any more for her/him?

Host: Yubor
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文章Denise* » 週二 5月 10, 2005 2:18 pm

Hello Yubor: wow..such a meaningful topic. Thanks for giving us chance to think about that.
This is Denise, nice to see you all.It's great to join YOYO...^_________^
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文章Yubor » 週四 5月 12, 2005 2:07 pm

Comedian:喜劇演員 tied up with:忙於.. withhold:隱瞞
Stage:上演, 籌畫. Vt. Pay/do homage to:向sb表敬意. Foot the bills:負擔費用
Veteran: 老經驗的 make time:騰出時間 (= set aside time=spare time)
Consolation:安慰 n. frail:身體虛弱的 ups and downs:沉浮
Cross-dress:穿異姓裝服 vi unravel: 解開 散開. Vi vt trespass: 擅自進入 vt
Impersonate: 模仿 vt outshine: 使失色 orchard:果樹園
Condolences: 悼問,慰問 n. pl wax:蠟製的
Laud: 讚美 vt.
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文章bill » 週五 5月 13, 2005 2:50 am

It's a good opportunity for us rethinking how to face suffering instead of just escape or ingore the pain in our heart. We are often taught not thinking too much, seeing the positive side, being pessimistic. In reality, the suffering still exists. This topic is really touched my heart and I expect the meeting on Sat.
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文章Jong » 週五 5月 13, 2005 6:24 pm

The topic do hit my heart, Yubor! ...
You choice a great topic!

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文章technobabel » 週日 5月 15, 2005 3:22 pm

Because, you can't prevent death, you can only delay it.
I am not abandoning Yoyo, I am just dancing slowly away from it.
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