About social activities -Jun 15, 2005 (Wed.)

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About social activities -Jun 15, 2005 (Wed.)

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Dear Friends,

This is Julian. It's my pleasure to being the host again.
In this Wednesday, I'd like to discuss about "social activities". Please refer to the following article for the initiation, which has been quoted from a International training organization.
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CULTURAL - SOCIAL ACTIVITIES --Extra activities pre, during or after your TEFL/TESL Course

Trainee Teachers are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural and social activities here in our Institute, in the historical downtown area, around the city of Guadalajara and even in their "own home" (homestay program).
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Language and cultural exchange group at ITTO.
For those interested in practicing their Spanish, a language and cultural exchange group has also been formed. It is made up of trainee-teachers, and students studying English or Spanish. Students take turns practicing language and sharing about their culture. With over 2000 Mexican learners of English as a foreign language, you are sure to obtain a real cultural and linguistic interchange. This activity takes place at the main building of the EFL school.

Focused conversations:
If you wish to Teach in Mexico, we higly recommend you gain a deeper insight of Mexican culture. You are cordially invited to our lectures where related discussions follow. With the use of movies, CD ROMS, slide shows, etc; among others, some of the following topics are practiced daily at 5:15, NO extra charge: (please Click Here to see the complete description of each Topic). On your first day of class, you should speak to our Students Service Coordinator, in order to arrange your teaching practices schedule, so that they will not conflict with this activity.

City tours
Some exciting activities during the summer months are the walking and bus tours. These are open to all people, so our students join with other vacationers. The tour visits many places and sites of interests around the city. Since Guadalajara sports a wealth of beautiful architecture and historical buildings, these tours are very worthwhile. Most of the sites visited are located in the downtown area, as are we. There are also tours to other parts of the city and some little known, but very important sites. The tour guide informs the participants about the significance and cultural points of the different sites. The great thing about these tours is that they are completely FREE. They are conducted on various days of the week. There are both morning and afternoon tours as well. During the summer months, we update our students on the different tour options so that they can take advantage of them.

Mexican cooking (homestay program):
We encourage our families to have the students learn to prepare a traditional Mexican meal for lunch while in their home on Mondays. We know of NO OTHER program that promotes this. Once you choose the dish you want to make from our Mexican recipe guide, your host family will provide you with the ingredients, support, encouragement and warmth to help you make a traditional feast.

Salsa lessons (free of charge)
Salsa is a street version of Mambo. Salsa reflects the joy and abandon of the tropical days. Major reasons why this social activity is so popular among our students are:

Mingling of ITTO Trainee-Teachers, local English as a foreign language and foreign students learning Spanish.
The way this activity combines flexibility with progression.
Since all skill levels run in parallel during the class, you do not have to attend consecutive lessons. Practice the Spanish language and join in the fun every Friday at 6:15 p.m. and Saturdays at 2:00 p.m.

Karaoke club (free of charge)
Meet local students as you gather at the main building of the EFL school auditorium for an evening where you will enjoy singing, practicing language or merely chatting along the tunes of Cielito Lindo, Besame Mucho, Guadalajara and many of those memorable songs that have made Guadalajaran (Tapatío) singers and authors representative legends of the most traditional Mexican folk songs. Of course, if you wish to be trendy, modern Mexican and English songs are also available.

This event is conducted by a professional music instructor. Every Wednesday evening at 7:15 p.m. and Saturdays at 2:00 p.m.

Ceramic crafts
Would you be interested in learning the craft of Ceramics during your stay in Guadalajara? We would like to let you know about another one of our extra curricular activities that may be of interest to you. We work with a local Ceramic school that can teach you and give you pointers on how to create your own works of art in ceramic. The lessons are provided FREE of charge, students only need to buy all the necesary materials. Classes are held in the afternoons. You may attend as long as you wish during the class hours. Do not let this opportunity to learn this art pass you by, contact us for more information about this class.

Guitar lessons (free of charge)
At ITTO, we offer our students free guitar lessons. These lessons are conducted at our facilities in the evenings, two days per week and Saturday. Students must either bring their own guitar or rent one in the city. Lessons will consist of many of the most traditional Mexican ballads and songs.

The city of Guadalajara represents a unique perspective of Mexican culture and tradition. We have incorporated extras into our TEFL Certificate program. To us, TEFL Certification in Mexico means also really allowing yourself to experience and enjoy the finest aspects of Mexican culture. In order to enhance the TEFL learning experience for our students, we also provide the following extra-curricular activities as an optional part of your learning. You may choose the activities that are of most interest to you:

We are currently offering the following extra curricular activities as possible options:

Field trip excursions to places such as the city of Tequila, Jalisco, the birth-place of tequila. In addition, you have the opportunity to visit the largest lake in Mexico, Lake Chapala. These field trips are available year round for a minimal fee of US $20. We also offer free tours of Guadalajara or Tlaquepaque.

Guitar and Mexican dance lessons are also available. U.S. $45
Fine Mexican dining accompanied by live mariachi music at one of Guadalajara´s gourmet restaurants .U.S. $17.

Attendance to the world famous folkloric ballet of the University of Guadalajara. Truly a must-see for culture lovers. Many of the most traditional dances of Mexico are represented in the beautiful Degollado Theatre U.S. $10.

For those students interested in dancing, we have made an arrangement with a local dance academy. These dance lessons are conducted outside of the school with a qualified dance instructor. Students have the choice of learning traditional dances (salsa, cumbia, etc) or learning traditional Mexican folk dancing. The classes are taught privately and are approximately U.S. $15 per hour. Schedules vary and the arrangements can be made upon the student´s arrival.

NOTE: All classes are taught by non English speakers, Spanish native speakers, and you will have the opportunity to interact and practice your own Spanish.

While ITTO will make all of the necessary arrangements for these activities, students are asked to pay all fees directly to the service provider.

ITTO has arranged for a special short-term membership plan and fee at the Guadalajara franchise of Gold´s Gym®, for those students interested in keeping fit while they attend our TEFL Certification Program. One franchise is a short 5 minute bus trip away from the school, while the other is located on the West side of the city. Both are very well equipped, and offer excellent services.

The special rates available to ITTO students are as follows:
Cost per visit:$8.50 US dollars (approx.*)
15 visits in a 1 month period:$50.00 US dollars (approx.*)
30 visits in a 1 year period:$150.00 US dollars (approx.*)
*Prices may vary slightly due to peso/dollar exchange rate.

While we will provide assistance in making membership arrangements, our Trainee-Teachers will be responsible for paying all fees directly to the Gold´s Gym® of their choice.

For those students that would like to take swimming lessons during their stay in Guadalajara, we can offer these through a local swimming school. Students wishing to only swim laps to keep fit or just refresh their bodies after a long day, can come at specific hours for "nado libre" (relaxed free-time swimming).

As a special discount for our students, the school has waived the enrollment fee and ITTO students only need to pay weekly fees.

The weekly prices are as follows:
Assisting every day - $15.00 USD
Assisting 3 days per week - $11.00 USD
Assisting 2 days per week - $10.00 USD
If you are interested in this option, let us know and we can make the arrangements for this activity.

One of the most valuable aspects of gaining your TEFL Certification and/or Teaching in Mexico is the opportunity to really live the culture of this beautiful land. An important part of our TEFL program is that we provide our students with just such an opportunity. In addition to the wide variety of cultural events that take place here in the historical downtown area, which are absolutely free of charge, we organize field trips to certain areas of special interest. Flexibility is a key feature in our program. Years of experience have taught us that not all students enjoy the same activities outside the classroom. There is a small additional charge for these excursions to cover the cost of transportation and the tour guide. ITTO does not receive any part of this fee. Though the arrangements for the excursions are made by us, students are asked to pay all fees directly to the service provider. Excursions are organized in and out of the city, enabling students to compare the enthusiasm and bustle of modern Mexico with the most provincial countryside. Students are responsible for their own meals on the excursions.

Guadalajara - Tlaquepaque
We visit historical, cultural and traditional places. Los Arcos de Guadalajara, Hospicio Cabañas (Humankind Patrimony), Minerva Fountain, Republic Square, Niños Heroes Monument, the Cathedral, Expiatorio Plaza, El Palacio de Gobierno, the famous Degollado Theatre, and picturesque San Pedro Tlaquepaque with its typical arts and crafts of the region. The tour takes approximately 5 hours and is available Monday through Saturday. US $15: Departure at 9:30 a.m.

Lake Chapala and Ajijíc
Lake Chapala, the largest lake in the country, is located 30 miles Southeast of Guadalajara. A visit to its towns and villages along the shore is a truly memorable experience. The town of Chapala boasts a beautiful church and pier. Chulavista is a beautiful American residential colony. Ajijic is an old rustic town with craft shops, hand made rugs, clothing, leather goods, and silver jewelry. One hour for lunch.The tour takes approximately 6 hours and is available for Monday Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday. US $20: Departure at 9:30 a.m.

We will take you to the land of Tequila which is 30 miles West of Guadalajara. Learn the History of Mexico´s national drink; its planting, harvest, distillation, aging process, and its taste. We visit the ranch "El Indio" where you can see the cultivation of the plant that is used to make tequila, the blue agave. After experiencing the Mexican ranch, we will then take you to to the processing plant where the distilling process will be explained. You will also see the aging warehouses. Souvenirs and samples are available. Do not miss this unique experience. The tour takes approximately 6 hours and is available for Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. US $20: Departure at 9:30 a.m

Reference Links:
http://english.taipei.gov.tw/TCG/index. ... cordid=235
http://www.teflcertificatecourses.com/t ... ities.html

Session 1.
Q1.Do you enjoy social activities? What does it mean for a social activies to you? what is your favorite?
Q2.Tell us about your memorial social experiences in the past. the place and the event.
Q3.Please talk about your way to deal with people. how do you get along with your friend.

Session 2.
Q1.If you are a CEO of a company, how do you plan a social activities? For example, 1. A manufacturer of an air conditioner, 2. A PR team of a musium. 3. and so on.
Q2.If you are the department of Social affair of a country, How do you plan the social activities? For example. the TW government.

*Please use your imagenation for the above questions. Or you can choice one of question if the time is running short.
地點:Posetop餐廳--- 敦化南路一段233巷59號(近捷運板南線忠孝敦化站3號出口, 從明曜百貨公司的巷子進入後第二個巷子,摩斯漢堡左轉)

1. 請準備簡單的英語自我介紹;討論完畢後可能會請妳給我們一點感想或是你對我們的看法, (這個可以放輕鬆 )
2. 請事先閱討論主題相關內容以及host所提的問題,並事先寫下自己所欲發表意見的英文。
3. 來之前請先讀一下在討論主題,思考一下如何回答及討論。
4. 在正式加入之前(繳交可退還之押金NT$1,000),可以先來觀摩三次。
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historical(a) 歷史的
linguistic(a) 語言的
worthwhile(a) 值得花時間的
significance(n) 重要性
ingredient(n) 組成成分
warmth(n) 溫暖
mingling of 混合
progression(n) 前進
consecutive lessons 連續不斷的課程
auditorium(n) 觀眾席
trendy(a) 時尚,流行的
ceramic(a) 陶器的
curricular activities 課程的活動
pointers(n) 指示物
consist of 組成
incorporate(v) 包含,混合
Field trip excursions 實地考察的旅行
accompanied by live mariachi music 伴隨著現場的墨西哥街頭音樂
folkloric(a) 民俗傳統的
franchise(n) 經銷權
waived the enrollment fee 退回登記費
bustle(v) 喧鬧
the most provincial countryside 最有鄉村氣息的地方
boasts(v) 自誇,自豪
an old rustic town 一個古老的鄉下小鎮
hand made rugs 手工製小地毯
distillation(n) 蒸餾
aging process 熟成的手續
ranch(n) 農場,牧場
the cultivation of the plant 耕作植物
the blue agave 藍色的龍舌蘭
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auditorium(n) 觀眾席 --> 禮堂
pointers(n) 指示物 --> 點子
franchise(n) 經銷權 --> 加盟店
Knowledge is power -- when shared.
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significance(n) 重要性 -->顯著的, or (幾乎)關鍵的
I am not abandoning Yoyo, I am just dancing slowly away from it.
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The Social Fabric...

While the term, "social fabric" seems to be a horizontal concept, Obviously it suggests that we are all interconnected like a piece of woven or knitted fabric. A vertical version of such concept seems to be "tapestry"; vertical in chronological sense.
I am not abandoning Yoyo, I am just dancing slowly away from it.
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Wow...good comments and correction!
~Thanks for your advise. :o