Canada D'eh 2009, 6/27(Sat.)淡水沙崙beach舉辦 ... 2009年加拿大國慶日海灘派對

Canada D'eh 2009, 6/27(Sat.)淡水沙崙beach舉辦 ... 2009年加拿大國慶日海灘派對

文章Carrie Wu » 週三 6月 24, 2009 1:00 pm

Canada D'eh 2009 ... 2009年加拿大國慶日海灘派對

You guys can refer to this 2 websites, you could also listen to the radio ICRT or check its website.

On June 27th come celebrate Canada Day with us in style.

Were you at last year's CANADA D'EH? Well, it was quite a day of food, music and fun…BUT, it was a tad bit far away and the beach wasn't exactly friendly to swimmers.

But this year…the kinks have been ironed out and a new location found!

The 2009 CANADA D'EH will be held at the beautiful Sha Lun Beach, just 10 minutes by car from the Danshui MRT!! Plus, there will be shuttle buses available too!

There will be lots of kids and family activities…face painting, balloons, treasure hunts...etc. Grown-ups can play too…there's soccer, volleyball, and tug-o-war tournaments and more.

There's also going to be a very special guest: International Grammy nominee Colby O'Donis, whose claim to fame includes singing on top ten hits like "Just Dance" with Lady GaGa, and "Beautiful" with Akon!!!

Music is always a highlight of CANADA D'EH activities and there's a huge line-up of bands and DJs, featuring local legends WonFun!!

When? Saturday, June 27th, from noon to midnight.

Advance tickets only NT$450. Available at Hi-Life. NT$600 at the door. Kids only NT$150 and family passes are NT$950.

For more details:

Canada D'eh beach party is already the biggest one of it's kind outside of Canada and 2009 promises to be even bigger than ever before.

More entertainers, more food choices, bigger stage, and a new location. It's all coming together promising to be one great time.

So don't miss this opportunity to share in our love for Canada, no matter where you come from.

一年一度在台舉辦的加拿大國慶日海灘派對是除了在加拿大本國以外最盛大的慶祝活動,今年的的活動規模我們只能用盛況空前來形容。 節目內容更豐富、飲食選擇更多樣化、舞台更華麗、我們還找到了不同於往年的新地點,這些重要元素集合在一起,將成就我們殷殷期盼的歡樂時光。 所以,無論你來自何方,請不要錯過這個與眾多好友一起分享對加拿大之愛的好機會。

This year a portion of the proceeds from the Canada D'eh event will be donated to the McKay Hospital in Danshuei.

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