free speech: People Power in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflic

free speech: People Power in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflic

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講者 達莉•鮑姆 以色列和平行動家

主持 許冠偉 ICRT節目主持人


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全程英語 同步中譯
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People Power in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A View from the Grassroots

The media portrays the conflict in Israel/ Palestine as an ever-escalating violent feud between two peoples. It rarely shows the ordinary people, Palestinians and Israelis, who live together in this small land, and work for democracy, equality, and human rights. A growing non-violent movement is bringing together Palestinian and Israeli activists, as well as allies from all around the world, to challenge the corporations and institutions that sustain the continued occupation and war. What is the role of corporate power in this on-going conflict? How can grassroots organizing be effective in the face of such odds? The talk will tell the story of this movement and some of its successes.

Come hear Dr. Dalit Baum, an Israeli feminist activist and teacher, who works for justice and peace in Israel/ Palestine.

Speaker Dalit Baum Israeli feminist activist

Moderator Harry S. Jones Broadcaster, ICRT

Date & Time: Saturday, 10 December 2011 14:00-16:00
Venue: Gis Conventional Center (B1, No 85, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Da-an District)

Lecture in English with simultaneous interpretation
Earphones can be rented at the venue (General: $200NT, with Student ID: $100NT)
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