Kat's Tips 14-The Best of the Web(7)-2011 Year in Review

Kat's Tips 14-The Best of the Web(7)-2011 Year in Review

文章Kat C » 週日 12月 18, 2011 7:40 am

The year's coming to an end - and hope you've all had a good one!

It'd be really useful to look back on the top events of the year and go over not only their "language", but also their cultural references. Here are a few good starters:

1) Powerful images from Google (the young and digital perspective?)

Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review (http://www.googlezeitgeist.com/en) (Watch the video at the bottom left)

2) The American perspective:

Yahoo 2011 Year in Review: Top News Stories (http://yearinreview.yahoo.com/2011/us_t ... %20Stories)

Casey Anthony Trial
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Royal Wedding
Death of Osama bin Laden
Arizona Shooting
Death of Amy Winehouse
Arab Spring
Libya/Death of Moammar Gadhafi
Occupy Wall Street

3) The European perspective:

2011 Year in Review | Reuters.com (http://www.reuters.com/subjects/2011-year-in-review)

- Gold Boom

- In Tunisia, the Arab Spring Begins

- An Earthquake in Japan

- Steve Jobs

- Libya rises up

- Europe's Crisis

- U.S. Presidential Race

- Galleon Group's Raj Rajaratnam

- Bahrain

- Britain Burns

- Dominque Strauss-Kahn

- United States Loses AAA

- Gabrielle Giffords

- Egyptians Rises Up

- Occupy Wall Street

- Osama Bin Laden Killed

- Norway Tragedy

- Olympus Troubles

- All Eyes on Iran

- Floods in Thailand and Pakistan

- Murdoch Scandal

- Royal Wedding

- Yemen

- Syria

- UBS Rogue Trader

- Famine in east Africa and North Korea

Happy holidays to all and see you in the new year! :D

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