What do you call people of Finland?

What do you call people of Finland?

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If you didn't know the answer, just like me, then here you are: Finns or Finnish. (Hey, we can even make a joke of it.)

There is a joke about Finns on the internet. I guess it's a self-deprecating one, not intended to be mean.

History how Finns arrived in Finland and how they got separated from their
cousins in Hungary.

As some of you might know, Finns and Hungarians are relative nations since
thousands of years, but there is no good explanation why we live so far from
each others now, if we once were one nation. Russians have a story that explains

Thousands of years ago Finns, Estonians and Hungarians were living as one nation
somewhere very far in East, behind the Ural mountains. One day they got an idea:
"Let's go west".

So, they started their journey towards west together. Somewhere around Poland
they came to an intersection where were two signs: "SOUTH - fertile land, good
climate" and "NORTH - No possibilities to cultivate land, hunger, cold and
horrible climate". Those who could read, went south and those uneducated poor
ones went north. On the shore of Baltic Sea some of the people had learned to
read. They stopped at a sign "Be aware of weak ice". They became later

Finns continued, half of them drowned but rest enjoyed swimming in icy water and
survived until the other shore. There they faced an empty, hostile land where
40% was covered by lakes, 40% by wet and hopeless swamps and bogs and 20% was
covered by rocks on rocks and rocks under the ground surrounded by mighty
forests. For thousands of years since then without thinking Finns were digging
the swamps and forests by hands and carrying the rocks away from burned forests
to give way to some small pitch of land where they could grow few potatoes and
some carrots just to realize the frost in summer made all effort fruitless. And
they lived their life happy forever without knowing they could have chosen
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Re: What do you call people of Finland?

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