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Dear YOYOs,
My friend Simon, a Canadian, is an intelligent, humorous, and nice guy. If you joined the meeting on Feb. 4 (Wed.) and talked to him, you must be impressed by him. :lol:
He was my English teacher when he was hired by Taipei county government to do teacher training job. He plans to stay in Taiwan to enjoy adventuring.
He is looking for a job now. If you have any information or possible job opportunities, please reply the thread or contact him directly. He wants to find a teacher or communicating-related job. His resume is as followed.

Thank you very much. :ccry:

Simon A. Loeb
10F-1 No. 122 Nan-Shan Road
Zhonghe City, Taipei

Queen’s University, School of Policy Studies 2007- 2008
Masters in Industrial Relations

University of King’s College and Dalhousie University 2002- 2007
Bachelor of Arts, Major in English, Major in Sociology

Upper Canada College
International Baccalaureate Diploma 1998-2002

Employment History
Teacher, Taipei County Accent Neutralization Program, Taipei 2008
• Instructing Taiwanese school teachers
• Teaching advanced English language concepts and teaching methods

Professor’s Assistant, Queen’s University, Canada 2007-2008
• Graded papers, adjudicated classroom exercises and evaluated students
• Instructed undergraduates in principles of Labour Law and Employment Law

Private Tutor, Canada 2007-2008
• Helped university students develop written and oral communication skills
• Worked with students speak English as a second language, focus on writing skills

Legal Assistant, Law Office of Steven Bookman, Canada 2005- 2006
• Researched legal issues, briefed cases and interviewed clients
• Served Civil and Family Law Documents
• Organized client accounts and financial statements

Coach, Special Olympics, Canada 2002-2007
• Worked with both children and adult groups
• Baseball and Ice Hockey

Awards & Scholarships
Queen’s University - Entrance Scholarship
University of King’s College & Dalhousie University - Entrance Scholarship
Upper Canada College – Valedictorian and Head of House
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Vice President
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