YOYO-ISG 110220 The Upheaval in Egypt

YOYO-ISG 110220 The Upheaval in Egypt

文章Kooper » 週日 2月 06, 2011 11:32 pm

Dear ISG members,

Right now there is a significant political unrest going on in Egypt. As global citizens, we should pay some attention to it. It is also a good chance for us to get a better handle on Egypt, besides its well-known pyramids.

Let's use the current debate about Egypt democracy on the Economist website as a starting point (http://www.economist.com/debate/days/view/652). You are encouraged to not just read the two side's statements but also other relevant news coverage. Please write an essay about the Egypt upheaval. Thanks.
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Re: YOYO-ISG 110220 The Upheaval in Egypt

文章Just JJ » 週日 2月 20, 2011 6:09 am

Discussion questions for today:

0) Background briefing of Egypt events from your point of view.

1) Do you think a state of democracy for a country can turn into a reality overnight? (in a general sense, not necessary in the case of Egypt.

2) Some people say: “Taiwan is the best instance of Chinese run democracy.” Please have your say about your observation of the differences bewteen the democracy in Taiwan and the democracy in any other country in the world. (Please subtly leave out the sensitive 藍綠issue, if you can :mrgreen: )

3) Any question you want to raise before the meeting, so every attendant can think about it before the meeting. :)
Just JJ
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