Reading notes: Before I go to Sleep

Reading notes: Before I go to Sleep

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This is my study notes in case I lose my memory.
P.39 A boxy bureau in the corner of the room and wallpaper with a muted pattern of ferns.
p. 40 He handed me a pepper mill
p.42 A yellow romper with a pink duck sewn onto the breast and snaps up the middle. A plastic car seat in navy blue and a faded pink potty.
p.43 I seethe in silent fury.
p.43 It was as if the vibrancy of the past had leached all the life from the present.
p.44-45 A concrete path curved toward the brow of the hill.
p.47 cellophane wrapper
p.47 a ring caked in soap and fraught with the possibility that I might not have used the bar,
p.49 Sadness etched his face.
In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.
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