What does "down with Trump" mean?

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What does "down with Trump" mean?

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Hi, Kat

Robert De Niro said the following on Tony Awards, "It's no longer down with Trump, it's f--- Trump!"

What does "down with Trump" mean here? Does it mean we are going down with Trump?
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Re: What does "down with Trump" mean?

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Hi Michael,

To say "Down with" somebody or something is to express your strong disapproval. You want somebody or something to "go down" (= fail) or "go away" (=be rid of). It's the opposite of saying "go" somebody or something.

So if you say, "Go Trump!" you're for Trump.

If you say, "Down with Trump!" you're against him. You may even wish him to "step down (=leave office)."

Robert De Niro evidently felt that wishing Trump to go down wasn't quite enough anymore; he needed stronger language. :wink:

But, if you say, "I'm down with" somebody, it means "I'm on good terms with" or "I'm friends with" that person.

Fun, huh? :lol:

What's more:

When someone gives a suggestion and you say, "I'm down for/with that," you're essentially saying, "Count me in!" ("down for/with" something)

And it's not over yet! "I'm up for that/it" means exactly the same thing! :roll:

Crazy English, right?

Kat :lol:

(There're many more "down" idioms, and some are super useful!)