Kat's notes - Sum-up headlines of 2018

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Kat's notes - Sum-up headlines of 2018

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Hi all!

Since there're rarely questions posted for this thread ( :mrgreen: :ccry: ) I feel I should at least post some notes or comments of mine from this Forum or our LINE group. Hope they help!

Here's from the 2018 Year-in-review, headlines by the media around the world summing up the year of 2018. I found them quite informative:

2018 was a year the world turned surreal in many ways (San Francisco Chronicle)

2018 was a year marked by political tension in a number of parts of the world and threats to freedom of the press—but was also a year in which people made powerful stands for equality and united in response to natural disasters. (TIME)

2018 was a year of wake-up calls (Toronto Star)

For women in film, 2018 was a year of dirty laundry (The Globe and Mail)

2018 was a year fraught with volatility, characterized by record highs and sharp reversals. (CNBC on US stocks)

2018 was the year of online hate (Washington Post)

2018 was the year I changed my mind (Vox)

2018 was the year that Electrified transportation turned the corner (GreenBiz)

2018 was the year of the woeful world leaders (The Citizen)

2018 Was the Year That Tech Put Limits on AI (WIRED)

2018 Was The Year We Could No Longer Pretend Climate Change Wasn't Happening (ScienceAlert)