Officer team and policy of 2022

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Officer team and policy of 2022

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Dear members,

It’s our pleasure to be the officers of 2022.

The officer team of this term is as follows:

Vice President of Education (my substitute): responsible for increasing meeting quality
Tuesday: Iris and Miller
Saturday: Shirley and Kooper

Vice President of Public Relation: responsible for marketing, recruiting new members and arranging activities)

Treasurer: Shirley
Concept engineer: Jerry

Facts and policy for your information:

 Treasurer received NT$107,956 from Jerry, ex-president, on 23 January 2022.

 We show our gratitude to hosts’ selfless contribution to YOYO by saying thank you to them face to face in a seasonal ceremony, rather than drink subsidy at their hosting day.

 Awards with monetary subsidies include: high attendance rate and bringing new members.

 New members let a club continue to grow. We need to be seen in order to attract newcomers.
Please support YOYO FB
(club page
fans page )
by following and giving comments whenever officers put time and efforts in providing new posts.

 Only members are eligible to join our LINE main group and other LINE sub-groups, as what we did before.

Please support us by attending meetings and joining activities!
Let's work together making YOYO more prosperous in 2022!

Julia Ho 20220220