Take a look around, and see which way the wind blow

Take a look around, and see which way the wind blow

文章technobabel » 週四 3月 22, 2007 4:43 pm

With every topic of discussion, Yoyos are exposed to the familiar and the unfamiliar; hopefully a goog balanced dosage of each. Week after week in this controlled environment, one must realize that speed of learning is of the essence. In a knowledge based economy, you are constantly being judge by how much you know. If you don't know, no one will care about your excuses of not knowing. No one can afford to remain naive forever, unless you are very cute. But, how do you pick and choose what to know and what to ignore? There is no time to learn everything. So, my suggestion is that one should learn to forcast the trend. Which implies knowing what sort of knowledge is in demand and learning it before everybody else.
I am not abandoning Yoyo, I am just dancing slowly away from it.
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文章Roger » 週四 3月 22, 2007 7:14 pm

Indeed. Learn something that meets future needs, but not current demand.
Still can I remember the time when I was a undergrad, the hottest subject was semiconductor. TSMC and UMC tops the EE job-seekers lists. The trend had then quickly changed, internet & communications surpassed semiconductor to became the most wanted job. Not long before it can remain its popularity, however, IC design took over. Now all the aforementioned fields lost their favor to the rising star, bio-informatics.
To learn to forecast, one need to know the past. By following the track of history can a man know where the path is taking us to. History repeats itself, to say the least, most of the time.
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